On the Download: New singles from Blacksage, Kemet Dank, Dakiddmoo, and more

On the Download: New singles from Blacksage, Kemet Dank, Dakiddmoo, and more
From Dakiddmoo's 'Just Bars' video

-Blacksage, 'Pillow Talk'
Fuck-music duo returns with more blackened beats and bonus dubstep wubs. Josephine Olivia goes for it while Drew Scott plays apathetic dude with a boner cooing, "take me home baby, take me home baby"—a very recognizable type of foreplay for most of the young women of Baltimore, I imagine.

-Curse, 'Between the Wardrobe and the Wall'
Standout on Girl Problem Records' inaugural 7-inch "The Wheel" from electro-doom duo Curse sounds like Nico singing a Dan Deacon-produced cover of Men Without Hats' 'The Safety Dance' backed by the drum track from Burning Witch's "Crippled Lucifer," or some shit? I don't know, man.


-Dakidd Moo, 'Just Bars'
When Young Moose inevitably gets his career mucked up by the spiteful cops or the major label system (Moose's latest single, 'Bum Bitch,' is dumb dumb in a bad way), bet on Dakidd Moo who, fuck a hook, just growls out Goines-ian one-liners for almost four straight minutes here: "I'm from where they let the knockers roam/ They'll search your drawers right in front your home."

-Dirt Platoon, 'Garbage Can'
A totally 2015 narrative: Baltimore street rap vets keep the spirit of the '90s golden era alive with the help of nostalgic French rap label, EFFISCIENZ, founded in 2011. Raf Almighty and Snook Da Crook rewrite Oscar Wilde's in-the-gutter-looking-at-the-stars deal for the lick-my-Timbs types "reporting live from the garbage can." Best boast: "Yo, I'm on my third cup of coffee."

-Juiceboxxx feat. Schwarz, 'Third Eye Rhymes'
Midwestern white boy MC Juiceboxxx mixes Thin Lizzy fist-pump rock with Beastie Boys brat rap, drenches it in cassette hiss, and brings the most hyped of hypemen, The Schwarz, to shout a bunch. It's like Billy Squier frolicking around in pastel sweats to M.O.P.'s 'Ante Up.'

-Jumbled, 'Harford Rd Hype'
A homage to Bmore club 12-inches of the '90s, Jumbled approximates the rudimentary percussive clunk and elbow-on-a-keyboard electro-buzz simplicity of early club and adds a clip from Eddy Grant's '80s hit 'Electric Avenue' because why not? A stoned mash-up stitched together with weed stems and somebody else's nostalgia.

-Kemet Dank, 'Xanblunts (Remix)'
Weed-rappin', Instagramming, Lil B-type Kemet Dank talks, sings, sometimes raps in a surfer guy voice about why he's pro-psychedelics, anti-the hard stuff, and doesn't mix drugs ("I don't do that extra shit, I'm not trying to die!") over a soaring Super Nintendo-ish role-playing game soundtrack beat. Might make you cry.

-Snakes, 'Young American'
Dreary, chops-heavy western gallop with some of The Killers' Vegas-born, Springsteen-isms in here too. Whether Mr. George Cessna, formerly of Sterling Sisters, likes that comparison or not, it's true and there's nothing wrong with it. Not to mention it's almost the name of a very famous Bowie song? These Copycat country-rock kids got balls.

-TRNSGNDR/VHS, 'Geography'
Oppressive highlight from TRNSGNDR/VHS' new tape "Condominium" does that rare thing in which noise can be kind of catchy and knock like dance music. A hot mess of Nine Inch Nails pulse-pop percussion, Swans-like lurch, and power electronics screech and hiss, all artfully arranged and somehow more desperate and unpretentious than those two art-bro heroes' jams.

-Wume, 'We Go Further'
A Germanic space-jazz sing-along wrapped with an absurdist conceit (it's a song about how the song needs some proper lyrics) with drums that sound like they're in the middle of one of those Fugazi jazzy-wazzy, prog-punk breakdowns and synths that are pure uncut John Carpenter soundtrack. An older song new to Bandcamp, at least.