New falafel joint to open in Canton as soon as the end of the month

(Courtesy of Bill Irwin)

Farmstead Shack, the "companion kiosk" to Farmstead Grill, closed rather quietly at the end of last summer and never reopened—which is our nice way of saying no one seemed to notice it was gone.

But the kiosk, which sits on the opposite end of a pocket park at the Shops at Canton Crossing, is too cute of a structure to stay idle, and it won't be for long.


A falafel joint is going in. Falafelicious will open in the former Farmstead Shack space as soon as the end of this month.

Bill Irvin, who formerly worked for Kooper's Tavern and Manor Tavern,* said that Baltimore is lacking the kind of quick, affordable, and good falafel restaurants you see all over New York and Paris.

"It seems like the right thing for Canton," Irvin said. "There are a lot of semi-broke young people who don't want to spend $30 every time they go out for dinner. This is fun stuff."

Irvin said that Falafelicious will serve traditional falafel and varieties with mint and harissa, a paste made from hot red chili peppers. Fillings on the build-it-yourself menu—customers can choose a base of salad, rice, wrap, or pita—will also include chicken kabobs, turkey gyros, and beef koobideh, a spiced ground patty.

Falafelicious will have a license to serve wine and beer, Irvin said.

*A previous version of this blog post misspelled Irvin's last name as Irwin. It also said he was a partner in the Kooper's Tavern restaurant group and in Manor Tavern. He was never a partner in those businesses. City Paper regrets the errors.