Baltimore is home to an expansive and constantly in-flux street art community. Between the long history of the Baltimore Mural Program (a project of Baltimore Office of Promotion & the Arts established as Beautiful Walls for Baltimore in 1975 under Mayor William Donald Schaefer that has since commissioned over 250 public murals), Station North's relatively new Open Walls Baltimore (2012) and Open Walls Baltimore 2 (2014), smaller projects like Art @ Work Sandtown and the Sandtown Mural Project (both of which followed the Baltimore Uprising last year), and a scattering of artist-funded murals, it's nearly impossible to walk these streets and not cross at least one mural. And with the city's continuous development, the muralscape is always shifting. Here, we show the concentration of publicly-funded murals as of 2014 (source: Baltimore Neighborhood Indicators Alliance-Jacob France Institute) as well as a handful of noteable murals—primarily by homegrown artists—from the aforementioned projects. Use this map to guide yourself through Baltimore's street art sites before many of them disappear. For a more comprehensive guide to the Baltimore Mural Program, visit promotionandarts.org/arts-council/baltimore-mural-program; for Open Walls, visit openwallsbaltimore.com. (Maura Callahan)

  1. “Alligator,” John Ellsberry, 600 W. 28th St., 1987
  2. Marshall Adams, 210 E. 22nd St., 2010
  3. “Sankofa”; Ernest Shaw, Nether, and Eric Hendricks III; 2426 Pennsylvania Ave.; 2015
  4. “Freddie Gray”; Nether, J.C. Faulk, and Brandon Ross; N. Mount and Presbury streets, 2015
  5. Pontella Mason, 1611 N. Carey St., 1990
  6. “Four Generations of Arabbers,” Gaia, N. Fremont Avenue and Laurens Street, 2012
  7. Gary Mullen and Arena Players, 801 McCulloh St., 1999
  8. Josh Van Horne, 330 E. Lanvale St., 2010
  9. "However Far the River Flows, It Never Forgets Its Source,” Tom Miller, Harford Road and North Avenue, 1992
  10. Donald Tyson, 1503 N. Durham St., 2011
  11. Jessie Unterhalter, 1137 Harford Ave., 2011
  12. Archie Veale, 900 N. Bond St., 1998
  13. Alyssa Dennis, Archie Veal, Michelle Hagwood, Minas Konsolas, Kirk Jackson, Aika Romulo, Erin Mahoney, B. Remington, Charles Lawrance, G. Mullen, Laura Emberson, Michael Owen, Kien Nguyen, A. Marchewka, B. Remington, Dana Marie Hosler, G. Mullen, J. Rattigan, M. Todd, and more; E. Saratoga and Holliday Streets; 2006-2009
  14. Lesser Gonzalez Alvarez, 209 McAllister St., 2014
  15. Chevelle Makeba Moore Jones, 1200 Hollins St., 1988
  16. Tony Shore, Shawn James, and Access Art; 837 Washington Blvd.; 2004
  17. “A Walk to Clarity”; Richard Best, Pablo Machioli, and Stefan Ways; 2014
  18. Tom Miller, 600 Cherry Hill Road, 1987
  19. Nelson Rivas, 524 S. Broadway, 2008
  20. “Across the Waves,” Joel Bergner, 315 S. Highland Ave., 2008