The Readers' Right to Write The Wrong

The Gentle Readers are always encouraged to write in to with thoughts and opinions. As usual, I have obscured the True Identities of the Reader-Writers below, and also as usual, Readers, thanks for reading the Mr. Wrong Column so hard! Extra thanks for helping write my column this week! These first few letters are in response to some sorta idea I had to help the schools of Baltimore City by annexing The County, or withholding City-controlled water and selling it to California, somehow, maybe by converting it to Powdered Water, I dunno.

Hello sir,


Regarding your recent column on the County, the Loch Raven and Prettyboy reservoirs are city property, sure, but they rest squarely in the county, as you'll see on any map. It seems likely that any attempt to annex the county would result in the county attempting to take back these bodies of water, which they have surrounded. Just like they have the city itself surrounded!

—Brandon W.

Thank you Brandon W., but you know the deal, man; when you're surrounded, it means they can't get away! Annex! Annex!

Dear Mr. Wrong,

You almost got it right. We should have Baltimore City unincorporated and fire the city council and Mayor and then it would be just another town in Baltimore County like Towson or Pikesville or something and then The County would administer it with all of its bigger financial base and then the schools could have more money to hire better educators to educate and maybe even teach more teachers to be better educators and then the kids wouldn't feel like they have to sell drugs to make a living and could get real jobs that would help boost the economy of the The Whole County/State. Just sayin'.

—Tony D.B.

Wow, Tony D.B. that is a Radical plan! How do we do this? I wonder if anybody on the current City Council would have the Vision to help us destroy it?

Hey Mr. Wrong

Point taken on annexing the County and some people are doing that. I live in Baltimore County near a well known and nationally ranked public high school that is on a transit line. Every morning I see kids that I know live in the city hop off the transit bus and go into the high school. This is illegal but who can blame them. The kid has no control over where he or she grows up and goes to school. They are innocent bystanders tethered to adults who make shitty decisions on their behalf. The children and I do believe all the children deserve a shot at a decent life. This is more likely to happen if they graduate from a decent high school. On the flip side I have a couple of very well heeled neighbors who could afford to send their teenagers to any private high school in the state and every morning they put those kids into the old volvo station wagon and drive them into Baltimore City where they exit the vehicle at Baltimore Polytechnic High School. This is also not legal but I figure it will all balance out in the end. Great Column btw. Take Care!!

—Marian F.

Thank you Marian F., I had no idea this was happening, it’s very Democratic, or Darwinistic, almost? We should figure out how to make this work for everybody! This next letter is because I wrote a thing about how I am not gonna do the BGE “Smart Energy Rewards” thing because it’s not enough money for me to sit in my house and sweat this summer when I need to be in my house not sweating.


How is it that they give us all these rate hikes and ppl that live in the projects are not paying anything they are the power suckers not us. I hate BGE, when I lived in the projects I had a neighbor that had 4 air conditioners, I had 2 myself never thought about other ppl that had to pay, I didn't so I didn't care but now that I am a homeowner and have to pay BGE, I feel you. I got a smart meter to and what, I am not saving s@&t. Thank you.

—Dionne J.

Thanks Dionne J., I totally support people in the Projects getting some A/C, and I congrats you on becoming a fellow Homeowner! This final letter is about how the Marketing Team Leader at Whole Foods in Mount Washington sent me a $100 gift card, and I gave it away to one of my Gentle Readers because I shouldn’t keep it on account of how it is a conflict of interest, since I am a Journalist, har!

Dear Mr. Wrong,

Yesterday was the first time in years that I've actually picked up a copy of the City Paper on purpose. That is because I was assigned to pick it up, read it and blog about it as part of a magazine writing class I'm taking at the University of Baltimore.

But about your column (well rant). I can understand the disapproval of the Point Of Purchase displays. They annoy me too. My issue is what you did with the Whole Foods gift card you received.

Why couldn't there have been multiple winners? By multiple I mean all the men that congregate on the corners surrounding your workplace and mine. Any day of the week, there are dozens of men needing food, money, clothing and housing. While you can't offer them all of what they need, it could have been a beautiful Oprah get a meal, you get a meal....everyone gets a meal.

Now that, Mr. Wrong, would have been right. I'm just saying.

—Charlene F.

Thank you Charlene F., for picking up a City Paper, and I hope maybe you won't just read it because of school, but at least you read one, so that's cool! Now look, I do lots of street-level donations, and it was a gift card, I couldn't chop it into a buncha pieces, you know? Besides, I wanted to reward one of my Readers! It coulda been you if you read the paper regularly! Then you coulda done the Oprah! Anyway, thanks for reading, and thanks to all the Letter-Writers for helping me file this week!