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Mi Comalito's upstairs bar adds another secret bar to Charles North

Charles North and the surrounding neighborhoods have some pretty cool "secret" bars that aren't really known to the regular bar-hopping crowd. There's the one inside a carry-out at 25th and St. Paul Street, the Korean bar under the barber shop on 22nd Street, and now there's a new one we can happily add to the mix. One of our favorite Latin American restaurants, Mi Comalito, quietly acquired a liquor license back in the fall and opened a bar on the second floor of the restaurant about five months ago. You might miss it if you visit the restaurant, as the stairs are behind the front door, out of the way, where you wouldn't think of looking to go upstairs.

The new bar sports a pool table, rare in those parts, and six types of beer (from $3.75) from all across Latin and Central America, including a whopping 32-ounce Regia from El Salvador. This crisp lager-style beer is well worth the $12 price tag. The new bar is colorful and clean with about six tables where you can eat the food ordered from the kitchen downstairs. We paired a deliciously light Mexico-brewed Victoria ($3.75) with the pupusas ($2) and had enough for a meal.
The best part about Mi Comalito’s new joint is it doesn’t serve margaritas. In fact, co-owner Jose Centeno cringes when asked if he served the sugary Tex-Mex staple. No, Mi Comalito’s bar has a pretty authentic feel and only serves beer and wine, no hard liquor. The bar has a pretty great happy hour from 5 to 7 p.m. where all the canned beer is $2.50. Though only open until 10 p.m. every night but Tuesday, the bar at Mi Comalito is one of our new favorites. It’s a breath of fresh air in, let’s face it, a pretty stale Charles North bar scene.