Elections usually aren't "fun" per se, but this one has been a dismal slog. Luckily, there’s always humor to get us through. One funny thing: this video, in which the character of Terry Tate Office Linebacker returns to punish Donald Trump for grabbing women by their privates.

In the video, Tate checks Trump right after he makes his gross grab-her-by-the-pussy comments to Billy Bush. As Trump and Bush leave the Access Hollywood bus, Tate swoops in. "That's how Terry Tate makes America great, baby," he says. "You can't go around grabbing people willy nilly!"

You might remember the Terry Tate character from the Reebok ads from 2003. In them, Tate, gleefully unhinged and violent, works to correct the bad behavior of rude office coworkers. Janice got a scolding for failing to refill the printer, Bob got tossed up in the air for taking the last of the coffee.

The ads star Maryland native Lester Speight and I called him recently to ask him about the making of the Trump video, and his thoughts on the election.

"It's entertainment. It breaks the monotony of this awful election that we have to endure," Speight told me.

He told me that it was a pretty easy spot to film. "This was very simple. This one was a hit," he said. "We had the lookalike, this dude was tough. This was an older dude. We only did like two takes."

He said that the hairstylist made sure to get Trump's famous locks just right. "Somebody noticed the hairflap was on the wrong side. We had to stop. She had to go flip flop the flop."

Like many Americans, Tate doesn't seem to be too enthused about either candidate.

"I wish Mr. Obama, we could keep him month to month until we find a good candidate," he told me. "It's unfortunate that he (Trump) is the nominee and he could be president."

In addition to the Tate character, Speight has made appearances in television and film and done video game voice work.

He was born in Baltimore and later moved to Annapolis, and claims both places as home. "Annapolis as well as Baltimore. They're both my cities," he says. He's hoping to get home soon. The last time he was able to visit was when a family member passed away a few years ago.

This isn't the first time the Office Linebacker has dabbled in politics. Speight tells me that he did a Terry Tate video about Sarah Palin back in 2013.

"Terry Tate is a property," he said. "When you're not doing what you are supposed to do, he shows up."

"Whether you’re for Trump or not. There's wisdom in there about saying lewd remarks about women," he says.