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Martin O'Malley is being really clowny with all these 2020 gestures

Hey, so lots of people are still despondent about this whole Trump thing, even if some 40 percent of Americans are still on board for whatever reason, according to two recent polls. People are handling it in very different ways.

Martin O'Malley is, apparently, building himself up with delusions of grandeur.


Dating back to the airport protests over Trump's immigration executive order, the former governor and Baltimore mayor—the same guy who got 110,423 votes in the primary—has tried multiple times to establish himself as the guy who can take down Trump-ism. It'd be hilarious if it weren't also sad. OK, it's still pretty funny.

Let's recap:


-Back in January, following Trump's executive order restricting entry into the U.S. for seven majority-Muslim countries, known as the "Muslim ban," airports were flooded with protests by people supporting refugees and immigrants. At such an event at Baltimore-Washington Thurgood Marshall International, O'Malley showed up for what surely seemed like a good photo-op: glad-handing with folks joined together in defiance of Trump. Instead, O'Malley was very publicly shut down by poet and activist (and City Paper contributor) Tariq Touré and protester Shai Crawley for his role in bringing zero-tolerance policing to Baltimore. Perhaps not a savvy reading of the audience.

-In March, word got out that O'Malley was testing the waters in Iowa, signaling he was interested in giving this whole presidential thing another go in 2020. Political journalists thought it was hilarious, causing the New Republic to wonder "Will Democrats ever care about Martin O'Malley?" Reminder: O'Malley got eight votes in the Iowa caucus last year. Eight!

-Ever persistent, O'Malley soldiered on, perhaps hoping that his strategy of charm, good looks, and Celtic music would somehow work this time. O'Malley stopped in South Carolina last month and teased the possibility of running after being asked by a young girl, whom he held in his muscular arms—sleeves rolled up—for a photo afterward. In 2016, O'Malley didn't even make it to the primary in South Carolina, one of the earliest states to vote.

-"Bernie would have won" is an ironic meme at this point, an earnest plea from Sanders supporters that has been turned inside out into a mocking non sequitur. Last week, O'Malley appeared on a podcast and assured that no, Bernie would have lost. Martin O'Malley, however, would have won. OK, so his belief in his own electability is something he has to say, to show some kind of mental toughness or whatever. But come on, dude—get real.

-With the blinkers on and his eyes firmly on the prize, O'Malley yesterday scheduled a trip to New Hampshire, another key primary state and another sign he's seriously going to go through with this. Ugh, it's like watching a car crash in slow motion.

Just stop, dude.