Pastor Jamal Bryant and activist PFK Boom have settled their differences after a video of Boom checking the clergyman became a viral hit.

As part of a conflict resolution set up by minister Carlos Muhammad of the Nation of Islam, Bryant, Boom, Muhammad, rapper and activist Shy Lady Heroin, and Robert "Big" Wolfe of 300 Gangstas announced on social media that they had decided to unify to work in the community.

The group announced that they would join forces on July 4—a date chosen as an homage to Frederick Douglass' speech "The Meaning of Fourth of July for the Negro"—to feed the homeless under the I-83 underpass.

"We came together today as men, saying that we had a responsibility for a whole 'nother generation that's coming behind us on how do you resolve your differences," said Bryant. "Let me say before we go forward that we do not agree on everything. We do not share the same belief on everything. What we do know is we are stronger together that we are separated."

Boom echoed this sentiments in his remarks.

After the video of Boom questioning Bryant's protest credentials and asking why he hadn't been more involved in protesting the death of Tyrone West in police custody spread across the internet, everyone could see "the negative effect of last Wednesday that was not only affecting us personally, but it was affecting our community of Baltimore City as a whole—[the] disenfranchisement of people feeling a certain way to the left and people feeling a certain way to the right."

"Again, we as both men have a responsibility that wants something to come out of that conflict of us. We gotta take initiative with that," he continued. "This is for the city right here. This right here, this is a healing that one can see."

Bryant concluded with: "One Baltimore. We're gonna live together, we're gonna serve together, we're gonna love one another. Please, Baltimore, we all we got. Let's stay together. This summer, no killings, no death, and let's look out for one another. If we stand together, nobody can divide us."

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