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Everybody Love Scoota: Lor Scoota's posthumous mixtape "Live From The A" out now

In Mondawmin Mall on Good Friday, patrons flowed in and out of Shoe City shopping for clothes, shoes, and fitted hats to boost their wardrobe for Easter Sunday.

Most importantly though, Baltimoreans came to buy Lor Scoota's now-posthumous mixtape "Live From The A," which was released yesterday on what would have been the West Baltimore rapper's 24th birthday (Scoota was shot and killed in June of 2016 and the entire city mourned and celebrated his life, as City Paper covered in "King Me: The Life, Death, and Lionization of Lor Scoota").


Shoe City buzzed with warm greetings, big smiles, and loud daps followed by comments about the $15 mixtape, which also comes with a DVD titled "Live From The A: The Documentary," a mini-doc that runs a little under a half hour and combines footage of Scoota performing, talking, freestyling on DTLR radio, and more.

It was clear how popular "Live From the A" is. In just the hour or so I was at Shoe City, around a dozen people came in and bought the tape. That many of the patrons weren't bothered by the fact that some of the tapes weren't accompanied by the DVD speaks to the importance of the rapper's music.


"Yesterday we sold like four cases altogether. It was a lot of people coming in that wanted to get the CD," Damion Alston, a Shoe City employee, told me. "We had customers coming in trying to get what they wanted to get then they asked if we had the CD—they had Shoe City crowded yesterday."

"It's very important," he said of the magnitude of Scoota's music and the circumstances surrounding his death last year. "It's a lot of stuff on there that a of of individuals didn't get to see; that he didn't really get to put out himself before he passed."

When I asked him how many cars would be blasting "Live From The A" this summer, Alston scratched his chin and said, "Nine out of ten—because everybody love Scoota."

Lor Scoota's "Live From The A" is available now for $15 at Shoe City locations at Mondawmin Mall and Security Square Mall and on Greenmount Avenue and Monument Street.