I want to be normal enough to fuck. - Tommy Pico

Normal enough to get by
normal enough to put the weight
aside to get inside you
or you inside me—
we'll spend some time on it.
I need my obsessions just in control
enough to write
so I'm at the gym
again, not at the bar.
I want to keep
forgotten words
in the past tense
and also keep the cute
grammar references
at bay. Or in the bay,
this heat has me screaming
Scratch-off pedantic ideals.
Scan for men
and their monuments
lifted to the sky
in moments of disclosure.
I feel eyes from apartments
again. I look inside
for life and furniture ideas.
It's that feeling
when someone talks like
language has never changed.
Example: I like you,
but I don't want
to be the focus of
your pictures.
I mean—
Have you seen horror movies?
Have you seen humans?

Tracy Dimond co-curates Ink Press Productions. She is a 2016 Baker Artist Award finalist and the author of three chapbooks.