East Baltimore resident D. Dillon doesn't much fuck with Hillary Clinton, or Donald Trump for that matter.

"I don't fuck with any politician really, but I don't like Hillary or the Clinton administration because they pushed for the war on drugs in the '90s which brought the prison population to a new level," Dillon says.

As for Trump: "I've listened to the promises he's made and he can't even do the majority of that shit, but most the people who follow him aren't capable of critical thinking."

So when Dillon, who lives on Bel Air Road and Erdman Avenue, went to vote today at Brehms Lane Elementary, he wrote-in snarling Atlanta rapper 21 Savage for president instead.

"I wrote in 21 Savage because he from the bottom and us at the bottom hear what they say but see what they do, while the rest of the world hears what they say but don't see what they do," Dillon says. "Plus 21's got an interesting perspective on gun control," he added, referencing a September interview with the Fader where Savage suggested everybody's guns be taken away.

"Take guns away from police, civilians, everybody except the army who protect the whole country, there wouldn't be no gun violence," Savage told the Fader. "Why does a police officer need to have a gun if no civilians have guns? Take away guns from our civilians then police officers won't need to have guns."

For mayor, Dillon voted for Green Party candidate Joshua Harris. Dillon came to the attention of Green Party supporters when he tweeted, "Just voted for 21 Savage as president wit a half an ounce on me.. Put that on my lor sisters," along with an image of his ballot, with 21 Savage written in for president, Chris Van Hollen for Senator, and Harris for mayor.

"I read about what [Harris] wanted to do as far the city's economy, getting jobs for people coming out f jail/ prison amongst other things," Dillon says. "Even if he doesn't do everything he says I know I can't vote for no Catherine Pugh—shordy look like a bottle of moscato from the neck up. That can't be healthy."

Dillon also has a clothing line, NorthEastDiv, and raps as a solo artist as Drug Dillon (check out the track 'Robert E. Lee Soldiers') and with Modern Refugees, a word-bending rap collective featuring Buffa7o, Faraji Jacobs, and others. In a short documentary that's part of a larger series of profiles of local rappers titled "B-More The Movie," Dillon offers up some hedged optimism for his city: "I feel like Baltimore's one of those lost cities, like we never really got out there, people don't know that much, like L.A., New York, Chicago, people know all about this stuff about different neighborhoods, different street names, food spots, I just want people to know what we do, how we eat, everything."

Voting went "semi-smooth," according to Dillon. He went over around 3 p.m., between the morning and evening rush: "I knew a lot of people were still gonna be at work, it was less then 40 people when I walked in. They had the fiends that been runnin' around my neighborhood cutting people's grass since I was young helping pass out papers telling people where to go. The whole process probably took me about a half an hour."

This was Dillon's second time voting. He previously voted in 2012—for Gary Johnson.

From City Paper's Election Night live blog. Read lives updates here.