Baltimore City Paper

DOT plans street improvements for Station North, community members frustrated with delays

In a meeting last night, the Baltimore City Department of Transportation outlined a number of infrastructure changes in Station North, including improved pedestrian access on North Avenue.

Michael Wilmore, an engineer and project manager for DOT, showed plans for proposed curb extensions and modifications that would improve disability access in compliance with the American Disability Act, as well as slow down traffic and make it safer for pedestrians to cross the street, particularly at the intersections of North and Greenmount avenues and North Avenue and Howard Street.


While plans for improving pedestrian access were generally met with approval, many members of the community expressed dissatisfaction with the timeline of implementing the changes.

Many felt as though they'd had this conversation before—specifically, at a meeting meant to understand community priorities roughly two years ago.


As Ben Stone, the executive director of Station North Arts and Entertainment District, put it, "I'm curious how we're back to where we were before."

Community members expressed that their main priorities, besides improvements at intersections and crosswalks, were fixing the sidewalk, especially in front of the Ynot lot, and lighting the streets better, especially between Calvert Street and Greenmount Avenune.

Instead of these changes, DOT had prioritized greenery along East North Avenue between those streets.

"I feel the like the process has just been a little inconsistent and we expected more refined plans," said Ashley Wallace, of the Central Baltimore Partnership.

Many agreed DOT's plans seemed too simple for the amount of time they had taken, and one member of the community pointed out that they barely took into account the number of pedestrians in the area, especially at the intersection of North Avenue and Greenmount, where the four bus stops create heavy foot traffic.