Several weeks back we learned that Jenn Wasner had signed on with Partisan Records to release the first long-player for her solo project, Flock of Dimes. Now we know what it's called ("If You See Me, Say Yes") when it's coming out (Sept. 23) and what it sounds like (well, at least in part).

First single 'Semaphore' slowly builds from a guitar strumming over a drum machine beat and ends with a wall of chittering synths, with Wasner's simply beautiful vocal ascending along the way. Have a listen.

There are 12 tracks in all:
1. Sometimes It Is Right...
2. Birthplace
3. The Joke
4. Everything Is Happening Today
5. Semaphore
6. Ida Glow
7. Flight
8. Apparition
9. Given/Electric Life
10. Minor Justice
11. You, The Vatican
12. ...To Have No Answer

And you'll get first crack at hearing them at Fields Festival in August.