California Honey Disposable Vape

With City Paper's annual weed issue around the corner, City Paper weed critics Baynard Woods and Brandon Soderberg will be reviewing one weed product a day.

There is a dude in Barcelona who goes by Nicholas Trainerbees who raises bees that make honey from weed. We happened to be at a place when he came in. We were already wildly high when we left. It was right off the Ramblas right after work. When we walked out we were swept up into hundreds of people, thousands, stoned, the babel of an afternoon rush hour in a foreign language.


I saw an arch I liked and gestured to my wife, who was happy to escape the throng. It was a public market, which reminded me of Lexington Market, which is, to me, with its profusion of life, one of the glories of the world.

But this was even better. We found the seafood place at the end and ordered the platter, something worthy of my literary heroes Joseph Mitchell and A.J. Liebling, for whom a few dozen oysters, some shrimp, giant ones, several different fish, and some mussels would merely be an appetizer.

When we'd finished this fish feast, we bought a cup full of pomegranate seeds and stuck a spoon into the honey and then used it to scoop the seeds. The taste was exquisite—mixing the radically bright flavor of the crimson seeds with the golden lush dirtiness of cannabinoid honey.

I was reminded of that taste when I tired California Honey Vapes, disposable vape pens filled with 600 mg of THC.

I've had two different varieties—the sativa Sour Diesel in gold and the indica Gorilla Glue in black. At about $50, depending on your market, these things are a great deal. "I like this so much better," a friend said. "This is the future. It's so much more clean and convenient. It's all I ever want."

I don't agree with that. I like my flowers and there is something harsh about these pens—I'll wake up coughing in the night sometimes after too much from the pen—but it is so insanely convenient. It turns weed into just another vape, as far as anyone can tell and it lasts a long time. But be careful. If you're passing it around with friends, maybe hold it for a minute between tokes. It seems like once it gets going and you keep hitting it, the juice stays hot and burns up real quick.

Both the indica and sativa do their job. If you take a hit or two off of the golden pen on a weekend day to get some shit done or have some fun, you'll be in it. And then, at night, with an IPA or a porter, the thicker, darker flavor of the Gorilla Glue will relax you, strip away some of the anxiety, help you sleep.

I did get one that was a bum go. My source took care of it, but it pointed out the problem with the disposable model. If it was the battery that was out, it couldn't be easily replaced. If you wanted to save the juice you'd have to break it and drain it and shit like that.

If you go with a refillable model, or a cartridge you can plug into any e-cig battery, you might wanna check out Cookies and Dream, a cross between Blue Dream and Girl Scout Cookies that has a nice sativa kick—while keeping you loose. Denver's Native Roots has a good blend and a good pen for it, but you can find it pretty much anywhere.