LSD, an earthy strain that feels like the first 45 minutes of an acid trip


With City Paper's annual weed issue around the corner, City Paper weed critics Baynard Woods and Brandon Soderberg will be reviewing one weed product a day.

Unlike the preposterously titled Green Crack, this weed named after not-weed has a name that actually makes sense. Namely, smoking this very earthy strain leads to a feeling that's pretty close to the first 45 minutes or so after you've dropped acid where everything's vibrating a touch and outlined by bright white light and you've got a whole lot of energy and optimism and you're far away from staring into the abyss or flying through a starfield or whatever the acid's gonna do to you soon enough. And unlike actual LSD, this doesn't peak—its high hangs out in the trippy ramp-up stage for a few hours.

There is plenty of debate and discussion among smokers about whether or not LSD is different from Lemon Sour Diesel (or just Lemon Diesel) and it's possible that where you're at, someone's calling Lemon Sour Diesel "LSD" and they mean Lemon Sour Diesel, but if you're getting the strain I'm talking about here, you'll know. This stuff is dense and honestly kind of turd-looking in the bag—incredibly unattractive nugs—but it jabs your body and your brain in a pretty specific way and whether you're writing or drawing or scheming or hey, watching "Unsolved Mysteries" on Amazon Prime, it'll make everything seem very profound and life full of possibilities. Highly recommended.
Strength: 8
Nose: Like an orange slice that you dropped in the dirt
Euphoria: 9
Existential Dread: 4
Freaking Out When Crazy Person Approaches You: 4
Drink Pairing: Peach-Pear Lacroix
Music Pairing: ZZ Top, "Afterburner"
Rating: 9