City Paper's Scapescape 2015 itinerary

City Paper's Scapescape 2015 itinerary
Go forth and have the best Scapescape.

Music festivals present options. A lot of the big-deal nationally known festivals have at least two stages, often forcing attendees to choose between acts they like. The smorgasbord of local music taking place Friday through Sunday, Scapescape, back after a one-year hiatus, has five venues for music on most nights. Obviously, we're big fans of a ton of bands on the bill, but it's going to be impossible to see everyone. After giving it some thought, we've devised daily itineraries for you to see the best of what Baltimore has to offer. There aren't specific set times posted yet, so all of these are best guesses based on when the music starts at a particular stage.

South Lot, 1712 N. Charles St.
YNot Lot, 10 W. North Ave.
The Metro Gallery, 1700 N. Charles St.
The Windup Space, 12 W. North Ave.
The Crown, 1910 N. Charles St.


Start your night at 6:30 p.m. at the South Lot with Sal Bando, the breezily anthemic power-pop trio who are, hey, named after a '70s baseball player. They're followed by off-the-rails rockers The Degenerettes, who sound like Johnny Thunders if he was transported "Quantum Leap"-style to Olympia, Washington, in the early '90s. Then, shoot over to The Crown's Red Room for demonic drum-circle-type jammers Strange Times People Band. Jump back to South Lot for darkwave R&B duo Blacksage, who just keep getting better. Run back up Charles to The Crown for self-described #Bollywave-r Ami Dang, who mixes voice, electronics, and sitar to devastating effect; drifting neo-neo-neo soulster :3lon, who is like Otis Redding from the year 3000; and spirited rapper with hooks for days Al Rogers Jr.

Music on the weekends begins in the middle of the afternoon. Things get started at the South Lot at 2:15 p.m. with younger rockers Legends of Et Cetera. Bounce up to the YNot Lot around 3 p.m. to hear some of the Old Masters as performed by Classical Revolution. Shoot back down Charles for the lo-fi indie pop of Other Colors followed by the sound collages of City Paper contributor Lexie Mountain. Then go back up Charles to YNot Lot for two of the best rappers in the city, Eze Jackson and Kane Mayfield. And here's where things get a little tricky. Get back to South Lot as fast as you can and you should be able to catch a nice chunk of club producer Mighty Mark's set and the start of the set from club-rap dynamo TT The Artist. Shift gears and head next door to Metro Gallery for avant-two-piece Bobby Donnie. But don't linger too long or you'll miss boundary-pushing rapper Abdu Ali at the South Lot, followed by the post-rock two-piece Ed Schrader's Music Beat. Jump back to Metro Gallery for a quick dose of free jazz from Microkingdom, then make your way up to The Crown for sleek indie-rockers The Sneaks and IDM innovator Cex.

Get the Lord's Day started off with haunting folkie Amanda Glasser at The Windup Space at 3:30 p.m. Go down to the South Lot to catch Curse, who mix the plodding intensity of doom metal with the dead-eyed pulse of goth-tinged synth-pop, before heading back to Windup for peppy indie five-piece Boy Spit. Rush back to South Lot for Nerftoss, the stellar electronic side project of John Jones of Dope Body whose 2014 album "Maiden Powers" was one of last year's best. Swing by Metro Gallery for Jaabs, formed out of the ashes of the Oranges Band and mixing folk, indie rock, punk, and reggae in a way that's way more awesome than that sounds. Then jump over to the South Lot for Bond St. District, the duo of rapper DDm and producer Paul Hutson. Hurry over to YNot Lot for feminist hardcore group War On Women, one of the city's most exciting and important bands, and then swing back to South Lot for post-everything, experimental slow-jams duo Chiffon. Close out the long-ass weekend at The Crown's Red Room with alle alle, which is the name that OCDJ, a Dirty South rap a cappellas meet spazzy electronic beats mash-up artist, is going by these days, and Wham City OG Adventure who really makes the best New Order songs of the past 20 years.

There are plenty of other ways you could go about planning your Scapescape, and all of them would be great. Check out the full schedule here.