City Paper wins 18 MDDC Press Association awards

City Paper wins 18 MDDC Press Association awards
We won something! (Photo by Brandon Soderberg)

The Baltimore City Paper took home a total of 18 Maryland, Delaware, District of Columbia (MDDC) Press Association awards earlier today, including the Best Of Show award in the category of Editorial for the staff's issue "344," which listed the details of all 344 homicides in Baltimore in 2015. The Baltimore Sun, the Frederick News Post, the Star Democrat, Calvert Recorder, and Baltimore Business Journal were also under consideration for the top prize in this category after winning in their respective divisions, grouped by circulation size.

The Citizens of Baltimore also scooped up a division prize for our solutions-based issue, "One Hundred Citizens, One Hundred Words, One Hundred Solutions: The citizens of Baltimore draw up a list of 100 directives for new city leaders," so congrats to all 100 Baltimoreans who sent their ideas in for that one.


City Paper photo editor J.M. Giordano won five division awards, CP editor-in-chief Brandon Soderberg won three, and CP blogs editor Brandon Weigel won two, while CP photographer and reporter Reginald Thomas II won a division award and was nominated for "Rookie Of The Year." And City Paper staffers Maura Callahan, Edward Ericson Jr., Charlie Herrick, Rebekah Kirkman, Lisa Snowden-McCray, Reginald Thomas II, Athena Towery, and Baynard Woods all also won, along with former CP EIC Karen Houppert and freelancers Lawrence Lanahan and Jennifer Walker.

The full list of what CP won is below:

-Breaking News, Division D, 1st place: Brandon Soderberg & Baynard Woods, "King Me: The life, death, and lionization of Lor Scoota"

-Continuing Coverage, Division D, 1st place: Brandon Soderberg, "Korryn Gaines vigil remembers her life, establishes a counter narrative"

-Investigative Reporting, Division D, 1st place: Karen Houppert & Lisa Snowden-McCray, "From Gunshot to Grave: The high cost of murder in Baltimore"

-Investigative Reporting, Division D, 2nd place: Edward Ericson Jr., "The Mayor's straw donors"

-Wild Card—Drug Use In Communities, Division D, 1st place: J.M. Giordano, Lawrence Lanahan, & Jennifer Walker, "The New Old Face Of Heroin: Harm reduction, suburban addicts, and clinic clashes"

-Editorial Best Of Show and Division D, 1st place: City Paper Staff, "344"

-Online Commentary or Blog, Division D, 2nd place: Maura Callahan, Rebekah Kirkman, and Brandon Weigel, "The highlights and lowlights of Fields Fest"

-Sports Feature Story, Division D, 2nd place: Brandon Weigel, "Baltimore Blast: Out to win and win you over"

-General News Photo, Division D, 1st place: J.M. Giordano, "Shorting Up Votes: The Trump campaign on the Eastern Shore"

-Breaking News Photo, Division D: J.M. Giordano, "Skip the Stores for the Streets solidarity with Standing Rock Sit-In"


-Best Photo Gallery, Division D. 1st place: J.M. Giordano, "Orlando's Vigil for the Pulse Victims in Photos"

-Sports Photo (Feature), Division D, 2nd place: Reginald Thomas II, "Theory & Practice: Poly's preseason in photos"

-Page 1 Design, Division D, 1st place: Athena Towery, "City Reader: Fiction and Poetry Issue"

-Art Or Illustration, Division D, 1st place: Charlie Herrick, "City Paper at the Conventions"

Oh, and lastly: former City Paper intern and current Baltimore Business Journal Associate Editor Carley Milligan won two awards for her work at the BBJ and current CP intern Akira Kyles won for a story she wrote for the Afro; and the Baltimore Brew who won a Best Of Show award in the Growth & Land Use Reporting Category beating out all the big dogs including the Baltimore Sun and the Baltimore Business Journal.