Peanut Butter Jelly Time

Even though it was dry when I got it, this weed has the freshest taste of any that I sampled. There’s a Proustian sweetness in the taste that you just can’t quite place. It is evocative, suggestive, seductive even; it draws you to want to taste more not because it is delicious but because you think it will lead you to something, you think you will be able to place that taste and then something will snap into place. I first tried it after a couple of whiskey drinks and a couple Bohs. Sometimes, the strong stuff like that will knock you on your ass if you’ve been drinking, but this was a mostly easy lift—that nervous excitement rose in my stomach. But it’s got a rotten come down an hour or so later, making you slow and sluggish. It’s really the kind of shit that I hate—big lift, big crash, all quick. Like eating a PB&J for lunch, I guess. Tasty, but lacking in a certain substance. But on a few more uses, I managed to adapt to its tiredness and combat it with big steaming cups of coffee and upbeat music. 

Strength: 9

Nose: Madeleine, smoke drifting in childhood woods, clover honey


Euphoria: 5

Existential Dread:1

Freaking Out When Crazy Person Approaches You: 0 (you're asleep)

Drink Pairing:  Strong coffee

Music Pairing: Hollywood Blanks, 'Peter Pan and Wendy' (out soon)

Rating: 5