On Thursday afternoon Tribune Publishing, the parent company of City Paper, The Sun, and other newspapers, announced it would rebrand itself as tronc (please note the lowercase "t").

Really. tronc. That's the name.

It stands for "Tribune Online Content," which was then truncated (troncated?) to tronc. Somebody who makes way more money than I do got the memo that this rebranding would take place under the umbrella of tronc and thought, "Yeah, sure, this works."

Within minutes, the name tronc was lambasted on Twitter. Media reporters even dropped the veil of objectivity to skewer the objectively horrible name.

Here are some of the best tweets making fun of our new company:

Mashable has many more here.

So what is tronc? It's hard to say. As with just about every new venture that launches these days, the announcement was a word soup of tech buzzwords. The Washington Post called it the "worst press release in the history of journalism."

Let's have a look!

tronc is a "content curation and monetization company focused on creating and distributing premium, verified content across all channels," and this "transformation strategy" will leverage "artificial intelligence and machine learning to create an interactive and customized user experience to benefit our 60 million monthly users."

What? Does this mean my job has been outsourced to a robot?

Oh wait, it is maybe in reference to the brand-spanking-new troncX, a "content curation and monetization engine, which combines our existing assets with new artificial intelligence (“AI”) technology to accelerate our digital growth."

What does this mean for the future of City Paper? The Sun? How will this affect the way you, the reader, consumes our #content gruel—er, stories?