Trayvon Lee, 24, the brother of renowned dirt biker Chino Braxton and manager of the recently murdered rapper Lor Scoota, was shot and killed last night.

The Sun confirmed his identify after the Baltimore Police Department reported a shooting near Druid Hill Park.

The killing comes less than two weeks after Scoota was killed following his participation in a charity basketball game calling for peace, and months after Braxton was shot in the head and survived.

On Twitter, Braxton spoke out against his brother's killing and the spate of violence.

He posted a longer reflection on Instagram, wondering, "All I wanna kno is Wat Ima tell my nephew who has became my son now."

After Scoota's killing, Braxton talked with The Sun's Justin Fenton about his own incident, saying he's not sure why anyone would want to shoot him.

Like some other successful rappers, athletes, and local celebrities from areas of the city affected by gun violence, Braxton expressed his desire to get out of Baltimore.

"Crabs pull each other down the pot. That's what everybody do here," he said. "Nobody wants to see us shine."

What remains unclear, as Fenton tweeted this morning: "Who's after them? Why?"