Behold: Some legend in a "Baller Blockin'" t-shirt mocking local TV news

It was around this time two years ago that Baltimore resident Shawn Young walked up to CNN reporter Miquel Marquez, here to cover/exploit the protests surrounding the death of Freddie Gray, grabbed the microphone right out of his hand and declared, "Fuck CNN." Young became a cult figure during the uprising for this small act of protest (he is also a pretty darn good photographer for what it's worth).

Although it doesn't quite bring with it the political baggage Young's mic-swipe brought with it, a video floating around the internet of a Baltimore resident fucking with TV news, was a standout when it appeared on my Twitter feed. In the short clip, posted by Twitter user @skeemz1 and currently nearing 2,000 retweets and 2,000 likes, we see a young man, blunt in his mouth, grab a WJZ TV microphone and pretty much talk a whole bunch of marvelous shit about whatever and everything as WJZ reporters and behind-the-scenes types yammer away.

"I'm shining now," he says at the start. "Channel 13 news, we're just trying to come through and tell you, 'Watch your bitch you feel me?'"

It goes on. My favorite detail: The dude's wearing a t-shirt for "Baller Blockin'," the iconic 2000 Cash Money movie. The whole thing's pretty great, and hey, it might even a metaphor for local news—blabbing on and on endlessly in some city locale oblivious or just plain disinterested in the character of Baltimore right there in front of them.

"I love Baltimore," Twitter user @skeemz1 wrote along with the video.

I do too.