Baltimore TV reporter Omar Jimenez drops first rap EP, "Reporting Live"

WBAL's Omar Jimenez
(Video Still/WBAL)

I was at a happy hour for media people about a month ago when the WBAL TV reporter walked into the bar and was immediately bombarded by fans asking for selfies (true story). Given that kind of star power, I wasn't surprised he has aspirations of stardom beyond the small screen. Jimenez, who goes by OJ Trop, recently released his first rap EP, "Reporting Live," which he worked on with producer Daiz. The four-song release includes a contribution by local musician Drew Tildon.

Jimenez, 23, came to Baltimore in 2015 following a stint at WGEM-TV in Quincy, Illinois but his music career started long before that.

"I've been doing music since I was in high school actually," Jimenez, an Atlanta native, wrote in a Facebook chat to City Paper. "I remember listening to Childish Gambino very early on, and getting confidence in embracing the nerdy side of me. It was a friendly challenge that sparked everything. I rapped over the 'I'm On A Boat' beat, sent it to friends, they liked it, and from then on I've used it as a release."

Listen to "Reporting Live" below, and don't miss the video for the song 'Ready For It' below that, in which Jimenez raps while "out in the field."