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Baltimore Rock Opera Society releases "Gründle Jammers" compilation album

The Baltimore Rock Opera Society (BROS) have released what they call a "Best Of Our Personal Favorites" album to reward all donors of their Crowdrise campaign to acquire a permanent headquarters and venue. "Gründle Jammers" features 20 Spinal Tap-esque numbers from past BROS productions such as 'Puzzle In Time' from "The Electric Pharaoh," 'Healer's Power Anthem' from "Revival," and 'Fuck The Dinosaurs' from "Chronoshred: The Adventures of Stardust Lazerdong," among others.

The announcement came with a thoroughly entertaining promo video peppered with—in typical BROS fashion—puppets, headbanging, and a nostalgic '80s VHS color filter to match the pre-mp3-style advertisement complete with song snippets and earnest narration: "Even the most oversaturated fan won't wanna pass up this exclusive opportunity to join in on the partying, positivity, and self-aggrandizement shredded down into one exclusive, rockin', hand-picked collection." See the video below.

As reported in last week's cover story, BROS moved back into their current headquarters on the first floor of the Bell Foundry in mid-February after the building's tenants were evicted in early December. The Bell, however, does not provide stability or a theater space for their large-scale but militantly DIY spectacles, and so BROS is looking to raise $75,000 for a "forever home" where they can create and perform their shows (so far, they've raised 40 percent of that goal).

Donors of any level—including those who have already contributed to the Crowdrise page—will receive a code to download "Gründle Jammers," ostensibly the first volume of many. The album comes with a 7,000 year guarantee.

Maura Callahan

Maura Callahan was born, raised, and educated in Baltimore and has written for City Paper since 2013. She is both an artist and critic, which is a weird place to occupy. She is interested in visual art, theater, dance, and performance art, especially when it's subversive; and also history and cheese.