Over the weekend, a short clip of a trio of Baltimore rappers performing an anti-Donald Trump song got bandied about Twitter and scooped up and reposted to Twitter accounts such as "BlackPeopleVines." The full song 'CIT4DT,' by Baltimore rappers Tlow, Lor Roger, and Dooley and the official, full video can be found here (and at the bottom of this post), though it has already been posted a number of times by other sites trying to glom onto its imminent virality (over at WorldStarHipHop, it has over 150,000 views already).

You'll understand why once you see it. Over, a stark but springy beat (which Wes Case of the Sun points out, is the beat from Rocaine's 'Chicken Chicken'), the rappers threaten Trump ("We got a choppa in the trunk/ For Donald Trump") and trade terse insults, dozens-style. Dooley, better known as an online comedian, raps "Boy, ain't even white/ You yellow/ You say you'd date your own daughter, you a sicko," Tlow reminds people of what happened to Trump in Chicago, and Lor Roger says he's got some hollow points for the GOP frontrunner if Trump doesn't rein in his rhetoric. They also call him a "bitch and a half," a common insult for sure, but one that echoes Lil Boosie's 'Fuck The Police' ("Without a badge you a bitch and a half") a song chanted during the uprising. None of this, mind you, is all that much more offensive than the shit Trump himself has been saying and it's way more entertaining.

Pay special attention to the beginning of the video. A white dweeb voice asks what the boys think of Donald Trump and they shout "Man, fuck Donald Trump" in unison and make fun of his hair. Dooley mentions Trump's anti-Muslim and anti-Mexican statements (Dooley is Muslim), and they also say that if Trump comes to Baltimore he'll get "hit in the head with Moose's shovel," a reference to East Baltimore rap hero Young Moose, who often wields a shovel in his videos (and whose record label and mixtape series is "Out The Mud"). In the video, the dude gripping the shovel sports a t-shirt that reads, "Fuck Donald Trump #We got a choppa ina truck for Donald Trump"—an indelicate diss song for the indelicate Donald. And while you're at it, for a slightly more #posi Baltimore rap song with some anti-Trump sentiments there is Kemet Dank's 'Throw Dat Vote Up' and club producer Rip Knoxx's remix of 'Freedom and Liberty,' a Trump rally song by USA Freedom Kids, "damn-near-literal cheerleaders for the American right wing."

Baltimore is very good but at protest music, as we've told you here and here already. Watch 'CIT4DT,' by Tlow, Lor Roger, and Dooley below.