Art Off The Beaten Path: A dozen-plus art shows to check out Artscape weekend

Art Off The Beaten Path: A dozen-plus art shows to check out Artscape weekend

Bromo Seltzer Arts Tower
“Curl/Unfurl,” works by Tanya Ziniewicz

21 S. Eutaw St., through Sept. 26

C. Grimaldis Gallery
“Summer ’15,” works by Chul Hyun Ahn, Markus Baldegger, Anthony Caro, Robert Dash, Madeleine Dietz, Carol Frost, Cheryl Goldsleger, Grace Hartigan, Eugene Leake, Maria Karametou, Raoul Middleman, Herman Maril, Giorgos Rigas, Annette Sauermann, Joan Waltemath, Carol Young

523 N. Charles St., through Aug. 29

Current Space
“Sunburns and Sirens,” works by Uziel Esteban Orlandi Alegria, Eamon Espey, Andrew Liang, Shelby Rosabal, and “Wild Wood,” works by Zoe Friedman

421 N. Howard St., through Aug. 2

Eubie Blake Cultural Center
“Multicolour,” paintings by Dominic Marín

847 N. Howard St., July 18 through Aug. 16

Freddy Gallery
“Meet Albert Mertz,” works by Albert Mertz

510 W. Franklin St., July 18 through Aug. 22

ICA Baltimore at Space Camp
“Imaginary Islands,” works by Emily Campbell

16 W. North Ave., through July 26

Lease Agreement
“FIN,” works by Boyang Hou

3718 Ellerslie Ave., through Aug. 2

Maryland Art Place
“Young Blood,” works by Amanda Agricola, OluShola A. Cole, L.E. Doughtie, Alex Ebstein, Rob Hackett, Magali Hébert-Huot, Christine Wolfe-Weller

218 W. Saratoga St., July 16 through Aug. 22

Open Space
“BECAUSE HE,” works by Magali Hébert-Huot and Zack Ingram

512 W. Franklin St., through July 25

Platform Gallery
“Soft Power,” sculptures by Amanda Martinez

116 W. Mulberry St., through July 27

Reginald F. Lewis Museum
“Awakenings, In a New Light,” photography by Devin Allen

830 E. Pratt St., through Dec. 7

“Watching Things Burn,” works by Jason Benson, COBRA, Chloe Maratta, Izabelle New, Alex Perweiler, Sydney Shen, Zachary Susskind

502 W. Franklin St., through July 25

Whole Gallery
“Dark Organics,” works by April Camlin, Chris LaVoie, Ursula Minervini, Kaitlin Murphy, Nick Primo, Cheyenne Seeley, Elana Webb

405 W. Franklin St., third floor, through Aug. 9

Art Walk

Features the following on July 17, 7-10 p.m.

Area 405
“Gilding The Lily,” works by Chivas Clem, Mary Annella Frank & Francesca Bozzelli, Marian April Glebes, Jonathan Latiano, Trudi Y. Ludwig, Jonathan Monaghan, Jefferson Pinder, Dan Steinhilber, Jane Yoon

405 E. Oliver St., through Aug. 1

Gallery CA
“CHROMA,” works by Lisa Solomon, Christine Tillman

440 E. Oliver St., through Aug. 19

La Bodega Gallery
“Rx//A100 special blends,” works by Alex Leggin, Danyell Perkins, Delaney Cate, Drew Hagelin, Erick Antonio Benitez, Mark Wehberg, Pablo M Machioli, Phaan Howng, Pixie Shope, Vincent Seadler

1501 Guilford Ave., Unit A100

Lil’ Gallery
“No More Sun!” works by Sara Grose

1511 Guilford Ave., Apt C403

Terrault Contemporary
“Lost & Tell,” works by Beth Hoeckel

1515 Guilford Ave., through Aug. 4