Apparently some copies of Lana Del Rey's 'Born To Die' LP have Wildhoney on them

Apparently some copies of Lana Del Rey's 'Born To Die' LP have Wildhoney on them
Photo illustration by J.M. Giordano

Early Tuesday morning, the band Wildhoney posted a YouTube video "Lana Del Rey - Born to Die Vinyl pressing issue: Who the hell is this band?" The band, it turns out, was none other than Wildhoney.

The video, which you can watch below, scans over the sleeve and shows the vinyl record spinning on the turntable with the same label, a white picture with roses. But the sound coming out is the song 'Fall In,' off the band's album "Sleep Through It." According the user who uploaded the video to YouTube, "johnny herrera jr," the etching numbers on the disk matched those of Wildhoney's album.

It's perhaps not surprising such a mistake could be made given the well-publicized manufacturing logjam that has cropped up in the wake of vinyl's resurgence.

And apparently there are a lot more floating around. Guitarist Joe Trainor says the band got an email about the incorrect pressing, and then noticed a thread about it on the site Vinyl Collective (the boarder who posted about it appears to be the same person who uploaded the YouTube video.)

Gordon Dufresne, founder of Deranged Records, the label that released "Sleep Through It," confirms that this is a legit error and not an elaborate stunt.

"All copies of this particular pressing of the LDR record were pressed this way," he writes via email. "A good portion will be recalled and likely recycled but lots of copies are now circulating.

"This happened due to a mix up with the stampers at the plant - small mistake with huge implications. To be fair to the plant in question, this sort of mistake has occurred with other projects at other plants but it's typically caught before it has a chance to get into the ends of customers/fans.

He declined to name the plant because "they have been doing everything in their power to address and fix the issue (at least from my perspective)."

City Paper also reached out to representatives from Del Rey's camp but did not immediately receive a response.

The story has a happy ending, at least for Wildhoney. The same YouTube user who pointed out the issue wrote they "really enjoyed what [they were] hearing" and "decided to keep the mispressed record."

In other Wildhoney news, the band's new single 'Think Air,' off forthcoming EP "Your Face Sideways," premiered over at SPIN. The five-piece is playing a release show at the Ottobar on Oct. 18. Here's hoping the vinyl copies of "Your Face Sideways" will be the right ones.