"Repeal and Replace the GOP!" over I-83
(J.M. Giordano)

Those headed out of the city and into the county on Interstate 83 were privy to a blink-and-you'll-miss-it anti-Trump action earlier today.

At 3 p.m., a man briskly walked across the bridge over I-83 on 41st Street carrying a large rolled up banner under his arm. After a few minutes he stopped, unfurled the banner, struggled with it in the wind, and attached it to the handrails facing 83 North. It dangled off the side of the bridge and read: "Repeal and Replace the GOP!"


Then at the bottom in cursive the word "indivisible"—the name of the loose nationwide coalition of activists intent on resisting the Trump regime. Once the banner was attached the man stopped, looked over the bridge, and raised his fist in solidarity for a moment, and then kept on walking.

A few minutes after the banner drop, the man, who did not want to be named but identified himself as part of a local chapter of "the Indivisible Movement," spoke to City Paper, along with a woman who also did not want to giver her name, who also identified as part of Indivisible.

A protester unfurls a banner over I-83 that reads "Repeal and Replace the GOP!"

"Our Indivisible group is looking for any and every way to stop and slow down the Trump agenda. And a lot of people are going through their members of Congress, lobbying, going to protests, and what we're trying to do with this banner is just celebrate the resistance," the man said. "We want to encourage people to join the resistance against the Trump agenda at any and all levels that they can."

"Going through more officials channels is absolutely important in stopping the Trump agenda," the woman added. "But it's also important to show that the resistance is visible."

The placement of the banner on 83 facing south was intentional, the man said.

"83 is a corridor that goes right out of our city and into the suburbs and up into rural Pennsylvania state line, and that's who our audience is for this. We live in a liberal, left-leaning city and we don't ever want to be just preaching to the choir but we do know that a lot of people go to the northern suburbs of Baltimore County where there is more conservative electorate there. And we want to work with the people who live in Northern Baltimore County and other rural counties in the state and encourage them to join the resistance because the Trump agenda is not in their best interest as well."

He also stressed that if those currently in office, especially Democrats, don't show that they are "resisting the Trump agenda" that Indivisible and others will "look to more progressive candidates" in 2018.

"There's still a lot that elected Democrats can be doing. Every day they should be asking themselves, 'What am I doing to stop the Trump agenda?'" he said. "We're disappointed with Senator Ben Cardin who has voted in favor of a lot of Trump's cabinet appointees."

The woman added: "Replacing the GOP is obviously very important in this climate right now, but I'm even looking further beyond that to repealing and replacing the whole system. None of it is really working for the average person and the GOP is just the current target."