A week ago, hyper-productive club-rapper Abdu Ali premiered his new mixtape, "Mongo," over at the Fader. It includes a few tracks you probably already know—'I'm Alive (Humanized),' 'Keep Movin (Negro Kai)'—along with a few collaborators you should know as well, such as Mighty Mark, JPEGMAFIA, ElON, Al Rogers Jr., and Butch Dawson.

As Ali says in an essay appended to the post on the release, "Mongo" is a "black self-care" mixtape with anthems, mantras, and narratives inspired by "Fela, Marvin, Nina, Lauryn, Tupac, Octavia E. Butler, and Miss Tony."

"I just gotta do me through us. The revolution is not just communal, it can also be an individual protest through thy work, sweat, or screams. Energy is infectious like the many systematic diseases that plagued our people. Teach one, teach all. also our other experiences are worthy to be art, our love trials, being queer and black, missing our deceased loved ones, or consuming the fruits of the green, because the self care is important." Read the full essay here.

On May 14, Ali will be putting on a "multi-sensory event" at the Crown that will work off the themes in "Mongo." Listen to the tracks below.