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A bar crawl through 'The Wire'

“The Wire” sure made Baltimore’s bars and restaurants look great. With the right amount of planning, you can do your own “Wire” bar crawl and end up like Bunk, puking on the curb in front of Kavanaugh’s.

The Ritz Cabaret Gentleman's Club

504 S. Broadway

This Upper Fells Point-area strip club was essentially its own character in Season One. The Ritz doubled as Orlando's, headquarters for crime boss Avon Barksdale.


The Red Star

906 S. Wolfe St.
The Red Star was an important eating and drinking spot for Avon’s number two man Stringer Bell. Bell, whose “office” was on Broadway, took “clients” to the Red Star to wine and dine them.

The Sidebar

218 E. Lexington St.

This punk/metal club doubled as Kavanaugh's, where the Irish wakes were held for various dead and retiring officers.

The Brewer's Art

1106 N. Charles St.

This Mount Vernon brewpub seemed an unlikely candidate for a "Wire" bar. In the basement, up-and-coming crime boss Marlo Stanfield meets Devonne, who would later betray him, for the first time.

Dougherty's Pub

223 W. Chase St.

While you're in Mount Vernon, stop by this watering hole and drink like the Sun reporters in season five. Do a shot if you catch a City Paper reporter at the bar.

The Prime Rib

1101 N. Calvert St.
One of the two famous Baltimore steakhouses (the other is Ruth’s Chris) to be featured on “The Wire,” the Prime Rib was the restaurant of choice for D’Angelo Barksdale to take his lady, Donette. The bar has fantastic cocktails.


870 Park Ave.

One of the oldest gay bars in the city—it opened more than a half-century ago—Leon's was location for the scene where a very uncomfortable henchman seeks out bandit Omar Little, who is gay.