Bad Monsters

Obama-looking monster (supposed to be Anthony Brown) on the cover ("Face-Off," Feature, Oct. 29). Hogan is the more obvious monster, and I find this work by talented artist D'Incau to border on the racist, as well as the incorrect. I don't know if he's a millennial or not, but I believe artists, poets, writers, and musicians should put their art in the service of the positive and good, not otherwise. To go for the sensational in the name of money? No.

Dave Eberhardt

Editor's Note: Hogan also appeared on City Paper covers last week. It was a split run, with half of the papers featuring monstrous Hogan and half with monstrous Brown.

History lesson

The commentary by Edward Ericson Jr. was short-sighted given the history of the police department in regards to black America and their interaction with racist police officers which has been going on indefinitely. Black history abounds with the hateful conduct they have had to endure. As recently as the 1960s civil rights struggle it was shown on national television how the police in Alabama put dogs and fire hoses on peaceful protesters. The late President John F. Kennedy promised to send a new civil rights bill to Congress (the 1964 civil rights bill) because of what he saw the police do to those people. The police were enforcing segregation in America.

Leo A. Williams
Corrections: The caption in a story about the Baltimore Portrait Project (“Portrait of a scene,” Art, Oct. 29) mistated the building incorporated into Michael Farley’s painting. It is a high-rise on 20th Street, not the UB law building. A news story about Jimmy John’s workers fighting for a union (“Wobbly sandwiches,” Mobtown Beat, Oct. 29) mistakenly said IWW was affiliated with a union at Joe’s Bike Shop. It is actually affiliated with a union at Baltimore Bicycle Works. The name of Winona Caesar, the author of a letter on the Mail page (“Silo points,” Mail, Oct. 22), was misspelled. City Paper regrets the errors.
“Exclusive City Paper Video: ‘The Conaways Can’”

Well, @EdwardEricsonJr has finally lost his mind. He has a lovely singing voice, though.

–“@crash_landers,” Oct. 28

Man, they are going probably face a $Trillion lawsuit from the Conaways.

–“@SoBoKevin,” Oct. 28

One of the greatest #Baltimore music videos ever reveals the sad truth about Frank Conaway, his family, and voters.

–“@TechBalt,” Oct. 28
“Cartoon Connections: The Best of the Week in the Baltimore’s Craigslist Missed Connections”

Well, this is my new favorite thing.

–“Key Sera,” Oct. 28

These are great!

–“Kristin Jezeski,” Oct. 28
“Face-Off: Educate yourself on the monsters running for office this election day”

THEY BASH EACH, But not once did i hear about their PLANS 2 Improve MARYLAND, bcuz if they did they would be making promises

–“Michael M Davis,” Oct. 29
“Jimmy John’s workers fight for a union”

The Home Depot does not have unions either, now shut up and make my sammich!

–“Edward Trujillo,” Oct. 29
“About these cynical ‘Vote for the Democrats’ signs . . .”

Yuppers, don't vote for a person and their policies, just vote for anyone with a D after their name!!! Way to go Maryland democrats, so much for using your brain!

–“Christopher Groves,” Oct. 29

Since the signs make no difference to me I never gave them any thought. The trash ads on TV don't mean anything either. Do your research first.

–“Katy Young Kahl,” Oct. 29

I agree that this is woefully reductive but - With the idiotic social policy record of the Republican Party who can blame those of who vote a straight democratic ticket- at LEAST most of the democrats say I have the right to my life, love, and pursuit of happiness. Come On- Republicans take back your party from the extreme idiots.

–“Wallis Teackle Mace,” Oct. 29

These were over posted in my area - just more waste

–“Billy Bundesen,” Oct. 29

I saw one of these while walking along Eutaw and West Monument Streets, and couldn't help but laugh hysterically. Not only is it a crying shame that the American political system has been reduced to a dichotomy of *** Group A vs *** Group B but now we're encouraging citizens to vote for one of these Jack@$$es solely based upon their Douchey political affiliation. Come on Cummings and Thompson! Get your life right! We will continue to fail as a country if we put party before country. God I wish Mizeur would have won the primary. -Progressive Republican

–“David Fenwick,” Oct. 31 
“Former Baltimore City transit chief indicted for bribery” 

I'd say his golden years look pretty secure now, the bastard.

–“@ThBaltimoreChop,” Oct. 30

Audits. Now.

–“@paulmgardner,” Oct. 30

you say "audit now" all I expect out of this from city hall is spin and evasion of responsibility. no I mean he will end up in jail (hopefully) but I expect the Mayor to spin express disbelief and.... local media to NOT press her on if the lack of audits as a contributing factor to this corruption

–“@bosconet,” Oct. 30

O.M.G. And to see people standing in the pouring rain is one of the saddest things about our public transportation system. Those shelters could have provided protection for people who rely on the bus as a means of transportation. He should be ashamed of himself thoroughly if the allegations are proven factual.

–“Lisa Landsman,” Oct. 30

The sixth season of The Wire would have been about bus shelters.

–“@actsinds,” Oct. 30

"Every day I'm hustling..."

–“Tricia Lynn,” Oct. 30
“The Mail: Art Love”

Her answer to the stupid business owner article is spot on! Glad she said what so many white people think but are too afraid of saying because they might be labeled a racist. I'm not racist, and it's not my fault if a black business owner didn't get the spot a white business owner got. Did you ever stop and think that maybe, just MAYBE, it had nothing to do with race but was based on who had the better thriving business?!?!

–“Stephanie Mikkelson Colón,” Oct. 30
“Cheap Eats: Poblano Mexican Grill offers up a Mount Vernon alternative to Chipotle”

"Fuck that place" is a very poor excuse for journalism. And there is little smarts evident in questioning where the money goes from Chipotle sales. Most of the money goes to the folks working behind the counter, paying rent on the local building house the Chipotle, supporting the folks who grow the food somewhere, JUST LIKE Pablano. Is there a place that teaches how to write a well-tempered review? If so, find it and enroll!

–“johndorsey,” Oct. 30

LOL Baynard! I've been to this place twice so far and I completely dig it. I personally think the meat is tastier and the staff is cool as ice.

–“David Fenwick,” Oct. 31
“Rapper Young Moose to be freed on bail”

umm who cares?

–“Mark P. Shores,” Oct. 27