Mr. Jackson and Mr. Love would better serve their community if they took on the real offenders - those who take from the community and give very little back. Those hugely profitable corporate entities that receive massive tax breaks like (dare I say) the Baltimore Ravens or the Caesars Horseshoe Casino.

–"Bmoreaboutthesolution," AUG. 27

"Lack of Disclosure: Baltimore police 'transparency' on use of force leaves something to be desired"

All this would be pretty incredible if it weren't standard operating procedure... Good work EE!

–"William Bond," Aug. 27

It says a lot about a person if their only idea of a 'genuine encounter' is a person who is paid to pretend to like you. Also, the slutty art kid trope has now jumped the shark.

–"Pasty Jerk," AUG. 21

This is a nicely written first-person essay with a voice which more than makes up for all the atrocious 'Charm City Porn Star' crap City Paper subjected readers to recently...

I like this line: "If you don't know how to grow up, any road will take you there—but the sex industry is a fast track of wrong turns."

I hope 'Kat' writes more about her experience and her observations -- then and now -- of same!

–"William Bond," AUG. 24

snooze...if I hear one more lame story of college white girl "exploring" boundaries, but making it out in one piece to tell the tale I'm never reading this publication again. City Paper is nothing more than constant hipster narcissism. Oh yeah, and quit trying to sexualize the black body since you are not in tune with your own.

–"transfersound," AUG. 26


The City Paper is SOOOO EDGY!!! You really exposed the TRUTH that older people were in the casino, and some of them even had fancy clothes on... If I ever raise an adolescent newspaper, IT WILL NEVER be allowed to date the City Paper.

–"Lou Novotny," AUg. 27

I feel like your photos are just pictures of fart jokes. You weren't invited because your photos don't show anything.

–"Derek Davis," AUG. 28

Who didnt know that a lot of seniors gamble? Not sure why anyone would be surprised by this? Though I wouldnt doubt the City Paper took the most unflattering photos on purpose.

–"Annette Romanowski-Grigore," AUG. 27

LMAO...so many animal prints!

–"Mark Hanzsche," AUG. 27

Yeehee these are so good yo

–"Kurt Tesnau," AUG. 27

I voted for this casino, but where is the money for schools?

–"Ariston Santos De Leon," AUG. 28

Gambling is a regressive tax, friends.

–"Alaina Willing," AUG. 28

These are brilliant, a snarky photoessay on the reality of casinos in Maryland. I love them.

–"Vickie Gray," AUG. 29

This has to be the most factually inaccurate "article" I have read in quite some time. The author appears to be, or be doing, several things: 1) Not from Baltimore, 2) Someone who has never spent more than 5 seconds (if that) in the Charles Village Pub, 3) Someone who must be no older that 24-25, 4) Forcing a false narrative onto a baseless and naive story about race relations through watering holes in Baltimore.

This "story" is bordering on slander. It's infuriating. I'm glad the author interviewed his ignorant "white" friends in order to make completely inaccurate, sweeping generalizations about where white and black people drink in this city.

Here's a clue: if you are going to write a review of a bar, write a review of that bar. Don't slander other bars/restaurants that you clearly know nothing about.

City paper: I expect to see a retraction/apology from you or the ignoramus that wrote this piece of s*#t!

–"DC," AUG. 24

Glad to see a review of Melba's. I love that spot and have been going for years. You should have tried the food. After a series of very strong $5 drinks–nothing tastes better than hot wings and fries. The DJs are also awesome–the backroom becomes crowded after 11pm with people ready to dance.

Quick story. I used to live in DC. One year I had a birthday party at Melbas and many of my DC friends were in attendance. Many of my DC friends went to the bar with $50 and $100 and asked the bartender to comp my drinks–thinking the prices were like DC where my favorite drink runs as high as $15. At Melba's my favorite drink is $5. The bar received so much money from my friends that they gave me fishbowl martini glass–kept it filled all night and gave free drinks to anyone they saw speaking with me. You gotta love that place.

–"Missy," AUG. 28

I've lived in Baltimore most of my life and now I live in NYC. There was a shooting around our neighborhood (East Harlem) last night and there's a strong police presence tonight. On our way home tonight, my girlfriend and I were talking about how NY has changed dramatically from the crime ridden old days and how the Zero Tolerance policy was implemented. We just read that crime is down 72% from 1993-2010. There is a hope to stop all the violence in Baltimore. I can't believe there were 8 murders in Baltimore last week with this whole Peace March. Murders are actually up from the 3-5 murders a week to 8. ? Crazy. Something's gotta be done. I think stronger police presence until things change permanently. Not impossible.

–"Brent Hutchinson," Aug. 31

I feel like the FBI is confused about how this works. You don't throw back a big fish to catch a couple smaller ones. Or maybe you do...

–"Jenny Brown," Aug. 30


So while using someone else's misfortune to promote one's art on social media is definitely in poor taste, so is the insinuation that artists can't/shouldn't/how dare they be commissioned and PAID to make art, especially if it's not in the style they usually use.

This is part of an important, broader discussion for Baltimore where it can be tough to be compensated for creative work. Is it somehow wrong to use artistic skills to execute a style that a customer requests, even though those skills have been stylistically honed in a different way?

At what point is taking commissioned artistic work selling out and should that blurry line even matter?

This charming city is brimming with creative go-getters working side hustles to make ends meet so that they can continue to do what they love. My personal view is that this is survival of the fittest--not "artists" vs. "hacks".

–"Kristen Faber," Sept. 1