The Mail 7/9/14

“Snap City: Hitting the wood with Baltimore’s dynamic roller-skating crews”

Wow! Great piece of writing! I felt like I was an inconspicuous observer, almost voyeuristic intensity. It's always a special treat to read any writings by Tony as he is so intense in all it writing, photography, or art. In the end it will reveal a truth disclosed in a fashion only which he could communicate! I read this item as though it was an art movement being discovered by the likes of an Ivan C. Karp, and that's not to be taken lightly!

–"Donrgriff," July 3


It was so kind of the young man to write about our love of skating and how he felt, that love that we all have for rolling on the wood, i find the skate world to be truly amazing and full filling a friendly place I see us as united, Young, Old, Skilled or a beginner all are Welcome. Some teaching one another their skills, slow walk, spins, trains etc I Love to watch , skilled or not!!. I see the joy as you roll!!,showing your own !! expression to that songs you love!! thanks Mr DJ for playing our songs There are some very skilled skaters too many to mention by name some i don't even know all the names but i admire all !! One is no better than the other, That is what i love about Shake and Bake Everybody does their own!! thing, everyone is welcome at the Bake, I feel the love when i have visit other Rinks as well Hot Skate, Sea Brook VA and North Carolina, we are all united!!! I really enjoy the out of towners . Jersey DC ,New York VA PA Chicago ETC , I get to see the different styles They are such a joy!!! I love you skate family, Ms Peaches Generation 3. !!!

–"Ethel Cooper," July 4

“The Mizeur Effect: Heather Mizeur’s backers say her failed gubernatorial campaign started a new progressive movement”

I think that it was a perfect storm for Heather to get 20%. I voted for her, but here is why. Anthony Brown is the "next man up" for the Democratic Party. He paid his dues and tended all the right constituencies in the Party. But, the only thing that he was given to do the last 4 years, he screwed up as bad as it could have been screwed up. It could not have been done worse. $120m was wasted. I cannot vote for the man. Ganzler grates me the wrong way. I just don't like his attitude and body language. That left Heather. Not that I did not want Heather to win. I tried to get my local Democratic club interested in her candidacy; without success. It was kind of like when Kathleen Kennedy Townsend ran. I voted for somebody named "Fuqua", I think. Anybody but KKT. I even voted third party in the General Election.

–"dcapettini," July 2

keep running and cover more areas with your voice and i have to add, more campaign posters, many more, because i saw not a single one from bwi to the mid-shore to give you any recognition

we also have to do a much better job of getting massive information out to all marylanders about what the debate surrounding marijuana is really all about, comprehensive education on all the aspects about this amazing plant

heather can only afford a few more days of rest if she plans on getting back into the race and needs to start campaigning with even greater effect. one example is that a good part of marylanders head to the beaches every weekend. THAT is where she would have one serious effect on numbers for recognition. the other colleges, in fact all of them to garner support in the fall once schools open to filled capacity again, because the youth WILL vote for her. norml folks need to put together a comprehensive education package to get out to people in demographics who need med mj and dont know it yet, and those who do and dont know the full story of what change it will bring, not just to medicine. economy, environment, natural resources, agriculture, mining, energy, materials n composites, law and law enforcement, education, lumber, construction, the national health care debate(which will become a non-issue with legalization), ...the list goes on because literally every industry will eventually be affected by legalization and the retooling of the american economy to incorporate cannabis(hemp) as a renewable resource for a vast host of industries, thereby creating a newer, more decentralized economy, with even greater advantages there is simply no room to discuss here, yet.

although she stood behind legalization as part of her rhetoric in campaigning, I still sense she doesnt get this plant fully yet, either, if she did, there is simply no way she would have let a primary defeat her, because a primary is NOT an end game, uh, hello. there IS still an election to come and that is the one that counts, Ms Mizeur or did you forget that.

–"sanktengel," June 29

“Mrs. and Mr. Knowles: Beyonce comes to Baltimore with that Jay Z guy”

Ask them how much they pay in taxes every year. I prob pay more! There is nothing great about them. Just another celebrity couple like Brad and Angelina. Im supposed to worship them? No. As usual, every Libtard calling a Republican a racist.

–"Annette Romanowski-Grigore," July 7

“Baltimore City Power Rankings”

O'Malley Signed the marriage bill, but expended absolutely ZERO political capital - they already had enough secured votes in the house. In previous years, when he would have actually had to take a risk, he balked citing religious barriers. And don't even get me started on how he completely flipped on the topic of slots. O'Malley was/is a bullshit artist...and not even a very good one.

–"John Flannery," July 3

If he gives as many cash-fisted handjobs to real estate developers as O'Malley, he'll do just fine.


–"Eóin Gille Moire," July 3

Guess what? Gay marriage can't be legalized again and marijuana can't be decriminalized again... All that's left to do now is raise taxes another 40 times. O'Malley only did that stuff as a lame duck Governor for things to put on his resume.

–"Mike Tones," July 3

This is the problem, we have no non-opinion based news sourced in Baltimore, keeping people in line one sheep at a time

–"Kenneth Stasko," July 3

God City Paper, remember when you used to be as cynical about O'Malley & Co. as I am, before you got bought out by $$$$$$$ "Everything's swell/don't mind the man behind that curtain" corporate news? Those were the days.

–"Eóin Gille Moire," July 3

I have to agree with most of the responses. Where to start?

Cannabis decriminalization is a joke, and not a funny one; complete legalization for consenting adults is essential, and requires political balls, something neither Martin nor Brown have.

Marriage between consenting adults: no balls, no initiative, and yes, he signed it when there was almost no fallout possible; what a leader.

Yet every Democrat I know in my hood still supported Martin almost without qualification. Box still solidly locked down; no chance of thinking outside of it.

Death penalty: sorry, I'm a troglodyte, but there are vicious, heinous crimes that absolutely demand the ultimate justice. Case in point: child rape & murder. Find the perpetrator, and after ascertaining beyond ANY doubt, reasonable or otherwise that you have your man (in the vast majority of cases), an immediate, one-way ticket to the firing squad.


Four more years of vanilla, coming right up, skin shade notwithstanding.

–"David Kennedy," July 3

Hogan Rutherford has a cooler name, I'm voting for him

–"Chris Hommel," July 3