The Mail 2/25/15

Kinked Off

We are writing to express our disappointment and displeasure with the article, "One Night at a Curtis Bay Sex Party," written by Rachel Anne Warren (Feature, Feb. 10). The article gives a very skewed perception of the BDSM scene and misrepresents the population of scene members. The article lacks mention of any legally or officially recognized BDSM organizations and the organization The Next Generation Baltimore is grossly misrepresented in this piece. The former Steering Committee member, Silk, of TNGB is misgendered in this article. [Editor's Note: We ran a correction for this error in last week's paper.]


First, the title is extremely misleading. Sex party, as defined by Urban Dictionary, is a place to go to engage in sexual activity. A BDSM play party, as defined by Wikipedia, is a place to go and socialize and engage in BDSM activities. BDSM and sex are not equivalent. It is troubling that BDSM is not defined in the article. There are a lot of BDSM activities and play, or scenes, that do not involve engaging in sexual activity. It is also disappointing to see that most of the individuals highlighted in the article were victims of abuse. Although there is a quote included in the article, almost as a footnote, that not all individuals who engage in BDSM activities were victims of sexual abuse, the article heavily features abuse as a precursor to their current kinky behaviors.

Now for a little TNG history. TNG was the brainchild of some young adult kinksters entering the BDSM scene in New York and the first one formed there in 1999. Since then TNGs have sprung up nationwide in many major cities. The mission statement of The Next Generation Baltimore declares that the organization "is a sex-positive lifestyle organization serving the Baltimore Community by providing safe, judgement free spaces and events. The mission of TNGB is to serve, advocate for, and educate young kinky adults, ages 18-35, in the Baltimore region." Baltimore also has multiple organizations established that hold classes, demos, and other educational events ranging for folks just getting interested in BDSM to advanced players.


Thank you for your time.

Yours in Kink,

Darian, Keiden, Laura, Reese, Tex
The Next Generation,
Baltimore Steering Committee
Impotence, Not Hate

I was amazed that anyone would take seriously a group like the Israelite School of Universal Knowledge and the group called The Ancient order of Hebrew Israelites (The Mail, Feb. 18). No this group is not a "hate" group. It is a cultural nationalist cult group that threatens the power structure about as much as the Hari Krishnas or the Nation of Islam! In other words they are no threat at all! If left to their own devices they would settle in some remote area to thrive and flourish and become a tourist attraction, much like the Amish in Pennsylvania have become.

What makes this group a little different, aside from their garb, which makes them look like extras on a movie set about Ali Babba or members of Sun Ra's Arkestra, is their totally absurd politics.


I met these folks at the Lexington Market while doing outreach with a multinational group of supporters of the imprisoned activist Mumia Abu-Jamal. This group of colorfully dressed men and their woman came to the demonstration asking questions like, "Who were the original human beings?" The women were all silent and held signs that said "All Power to the Black Man." Not one of them would pass out any literature about Mumia Abu-Jamal.

I next saw them in Philadelphia, standing on the street as a massive multicultural national march in support of Mumia Abu-Jamal was passing them by. What was one of their leaders saying over the bullhorn? He was calling on all Black people in the march to kick everyone else out of the march. So, you see, calling members of this group "cultural nationalists" is mild. Read back issues of the Black Panther magazine, where their predecessors were called "pork chop nationalists."

This organization is a Zionist wannabe group. When interviewed on the Ambrose Lane show, they said they wanted to return to Israel and kick the Palestinians off their land. One of their leaders, who calls himself "Tahuti," rants and raves on various talk shows about how every other race is subhuman to the Black race. They have the chutzpah in their literature to say that "Caucasians" will be allowed in heaven only as slaves.

If Jenkins is serious about fighting for real liberation, not the absurd notion that the last shall be first and the first shall be last, I suggest she read the Constitution for a New Socialist Republic North America (Draft) put out by the Revolutionary Communist Party. They say that upon the seizure of power a referendum will be called with only Black people participating to vote on whether or not the majority of African-Americans want to secede from what is now the United States of America. I would suggest anyone serious read this document and decide who has a better plan, the New Israelites or the Revolutionary Communist Party. It's all in print!

Oh and one more thing. What was the name of the civil-rights group founded by Martin Luther King, Jr.? It was the Southern Christian Leadership Conference.

Alan Barysh

I adore Bruce Nelson to a positively mammoth degree, but it would have been nice to see Ms. Ursula's photo accompanying this review. Her performance is so fierce, readers deserve to see her face as a preview. It also would have been nice to read the name of the actors with Nelson in the photo. They were great too!

–“joannemac22,” Feb. 19

Or perhaps people find the Male/Female statue revolting because of its underwhelming blandness, a lazier version of "Molecule Man" in Berlin, a city which the artist saw as much more deserving of care and attention than little old Baltimore.

–“Nathan Dennies,” Feb. 22

I haven't even seen this film and that review gave me anxiety.

–“@StevenTormollan,”  Feb. 23

Outstanding think-piece!

–“@Dasien43,” Feb. 23

Guys, I love you and where you've taken the paper, and I love @jmgpix's photography. Keep him to that singleness of purpose.

–“@peterschmader,” Feb. 23

Do you have any evidence to support the claim that these shootings were based on race? Has there been 1 shred of evidence? 1 single fact that even suggests that this has anything to do with race?

–“Jake Smith,” Feb. 20

Not race Jake... religion.

–“SincerelyCrys,” Feb. 20
“A Dog In the Fight: Baltimore’s enforcement of animal-cruelty laws is getting some bite”

Tell on all of em.

–“KimBrownTalks,” Feb. 23

Someone needs to tell LV to smile in her author photos... All those awards would make most happy!

–“@CorruptionWire,” Feb. 19

Good thing we like morose, pouting, laughing, crying, frowning authors, too!

–“@TheIvyBookshop,” Feb. 21

I think Laura should get progressively scowlier with each new book

–“@shutupdougan,” Feb. 21

Frowns speak for themselves. Smiles the things made for digression.

–“@WyndWhyd,” Feb. 21

once the "gastronomic center of the universe", Baltimore now rolls out the red carpet for chain restaurants

–“oldlineplate,” Feb. 18

Well I'm glad SRB is engaged in such important job duties...meanwhile city schools have no heat and you can't drink the water. Moron.

–“John Flannery,” Feb. 16

Somebody said the most important word to politicians: "Photo Op" and "Free food".

–“Alexander Mitchell,” Feb. 16

Meh. Nothing but hype.

–“Terry McBride,” Feb. 1