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The Mail 2/18/15

Beautifully Queered

I just wanted to thank Michael Farley for his wonderful (and wonderfully written) queering of Jonathan Borofsky's 'Male/Female' ("Sexy Art," Feb. 11). Somehow, Farley managed to offer, in less than a page, a concise and touching meditation on the place of the local trans community, a provocative meditation on the purposes of public sculpture, and a radical rereading of a prominent local monument. In recent years, I've frequently walked past Borofsky's piece without really looking at it very closely at all; it was, I assumed, merely a familiar piece of the cityscape. Now I see it anew.

Kerr Houston
Professor of Art History
Maryland Institute College of Art
Patriot Games

This is in response to a comment left about a review done for American Sniper (Noise, Jan. 21). The person spoke of the "lib party line." That ignores the reality of the world libs live in for the one they wish they had. That's funny because that's exactly what conservatives are doing when it comes to this movie.


This was not who Chris Kyle actually was, and that's not what Iraq was about. It just makes some feel good to completely ignore the fact that Kyle was a known liar, he enjoyed killing people, and he lied about killing people. This is not the kind of guy we need to be lionizing just because he killed a bunch of people in the name of America.

Honestly I would find it hard to believe that all of his kills were clean since we know that if he would lie about killing why not lie about the reasons? This guy liked being known as some badass who killed a lot of people. The fact that the writer said Muslims were more prejudice than other non-Americans speaks volumes. I've even seen someone say that they wouldn't wait until it came out on DVD because it was their patriotic duty to see it.


I'm a veteran and I don't consider anyone who joins the military a hero, we signed up to do a job. But we owe vets more than useless bumper stickers and hero worship. So while you're rooting for Clint Eastwood, your "patriotism," and Bradley Cooper, try doing something for that vet down at the VA who doesn't have legs anymore. By the way, I'm really sick of conservatives acting like they are the only ones who have fought and died for this country.

Reginald Newman
Hater Hate

Chris, the Israelite School of Universal Practical Knowledge is a black hate group (The Mail, Feb. 11)? I have never heard that. And then you throw in "as designated by the Southern Poverty Law Center," like their word is uber validation. A southern group, marking a black group as haters . . . I'll wait.

If they hate, what are they hating? The centuries long, genetic fight that whites have been fighting, thinly disguised as supremacy? Or are they hating the poverty levels specifically designed to keep their neighborhoods down? Having pride in your people is not hating another. If they are a hate group, then I'd prefer a proud, loud, boisterous, costume-wearing hate group, rather than one who rides with hoods on at night, burns crosses, lynches, and kills all for skin color.

What Lexington Market has turned into is an open-air drug market. I'm sick of watching dope zombies nod with babies strapped on their chests and while pushing strollers. That's the real problem with Lexington Market.

Mya Jenkins

Corrections: In the story "Curtis Bay Sex Party," we mistakenly referred to Silk, a former organizer of The Next Generation: Baltimore as "she," when "he" is the correct pronoun. In the same story, we neglected to disclose that Lauren Aycock Anderson, the relational thearpist cited, plays in a band with the author. City Paper regrets the error and the ommission.


Very proud of the glowing blurb Carr wrote for the cover for our "Charmed Life" book. But did you have to mention that the tome is now available for a penny?

–“Brennen Jensen,” Feb. 14

i love this place, for their drinks alone. i am also a vegetarian and found their veg options extremely bleak. the BBQ sauce they chose for the jackfruit sandwich was WAY too sweet to accompany the jackfruit and it ate almost like a weird dessert sandwich. the mac and cheese was somehow dry, and the slaw was very underwhelming. i didn't finish the sandwich or either of the sides. this was really disappointing to me, as i said i do love this place. maybe they have gotten their shit together since, which i'd be happy to hear.

–“kewlbeans,” Feb. 14

This guy helped my 15 year old son run away from home and live in a drug den with a bunch of twenty-something addicts. They would regularly give my son access to pot, cocaine, and alcohol. If this is the sort of thing he does to people he wishes to help and support then I'd hate to see what he does to those he hates.

–“Mrs. Booth,” Feb. 14

@Mrs. Booth Trans Housing Network is a directory of individuals all over the world who are willing and able to house trans people in need and has no control whatsoever as to who ends up contacting persons in that directory. People who make these posts often provide information about their lifestyle so that people with differing needs can choose a suitable host. For instance, people commonly indicate whether or not their home is a sober space.

Additionally, we do not encourage minors to run away from home but are also aware that situations in which LGBT minors are on the street and at risk are common and allow submissions from minors as a good faith measure aimed at allowing LGBT minors access to resources which will shield them from immanent harm on the street.

Moreover, if your child was a runaway who was using trans housing network, chances are it is because they identify as trans and do not feel safe at home. I encourage you to respect your child's gender expression, preferred pronouns, and/or desire for access to medical care as applicable. You can also demonstrate your good will toward trans persons in general by using the preferred pronouns of other trans people. For instance, I use "she/her" pronouns.

–“Rebeka Refuse,” Feb. 14

@Rebeka Refuse You have no idea what my family went though in supporting him when he decided he was transgender after being told such due to an interest in "pretty dresses". We did everything by the book: calling him his preferred name and pronouns, taking him three hours away for therapy, HRT, and countless shopping trips for a new wardrobe. And yet it was wasn't enough. He eventually decided to run away from home after we refused to accept that he was additionally a pokemon character stuck in a human body.

When he settled on running away from home as the only option to his problem of "nonacceptence" he was easily able to post onto your housing network and find people who had no problem with taking in an underage child who needed help, love, support from a family, and professional assistance to deal with obvious identity issues. You saw no problem with a posting from a minor or you either did absolutely no vetting whatsoever in ensuring that he truly needed such a service. He mentions that you actively followed his weblog during this period in his life as well.

After living in a drug den for months he was kicked out. Refusing to go home due to now believing himself God, he was able to post again. At this time we were in contact (I was paying for his cellphone, food, and rent) he refused to return. For better or for worse no other people were willing to take in an underage child so he spent a month at the local homeless shelter while we convinced him of his need to return to our home. At his return he had missed nearly a year of schooling and been exposed to things a child never should see or experience.


It has been so hard building our lives back together after this. He has since detransistioned and returned to school. Yet the scars from this nightmare remain.

–“Mrs. Booth,” Feb. 15

@Mrs. Booth I agree that your child should not have run away and should not have been in a situation where they had access to intoxicants. I follow nearly a thousand blogs on tumblr and rarely read the "dashboard", so I am not really aware of the personal situations or even identity of most of the persons I am following on there.

I agree that the policy in regards to accepting submissions from minors needs to be tightened so as to not directly enable teens who wish to run away. There are situations in which teens are on the street, for reasons including being illegally kicked out by their parents, which is why we have not had any restrictions on "need couch" posts previously.

I intend to post an announcement clarifying a change in policy (i.e., that we will only accept submissions from minors who are currently homeless, so as to not encourage runaways) within the next couple days.

–“Rebeka Refuse,” Feb. 15

Curtis bay?! That's keeping it a little too real, City Paper...

–“Holly Powell,” Feb. 11

I think it's awesome that these photos convey the fact that sexuality, and parties like these, are for every body- not just those which society deems sexy.

–“Brittney-Elizabeth Williams,” Feb. 11

Very obese people in general are perfect for predatory exploiters who sell their "everybodyisdoingthis" BS because they want more "manipulatable" participants. Sorry, this article was disgusting for the obvious reasons: there is NOTHING SEXY about this so called "consenting adults" crap. The imbalance of power is obvious .... people taking advantage of strained/stressed women. Let's hope no $$ was exchanged behind the scenes for this so called "voluntary" crap.

–“JustBe TheArtist,” Feb. 13

Ah, just what I assumed but didn't want to believe. It's the fact that these fornicators don't look like the porn stars you expect them to? How sad for you to not recognize the joy and beauty of real sex with real people in the real world.

–“Michelle Jenkins,” Feb. 13

Nice to see a variety of body shapes and colors gettin their freak on together. Go on with your bad self, Curtis Bay!

–“Valarie Perez-Schere,” Feb. 14