“Hey Jacques Kelly, it was called Load of Fun”

Hell hath no fury like a hipster's art loft scorned.

–“Lothario Laka,” Oct. 4
“What ever happened to National Premium?”

I still buy it from time to time when I see it. Not bad at all for an easy drinking hot day beer. No yellow water Boh taste but still refreshing.

–“Erik Fjord Hansen,” Oct. 3
“The threat of pulling the 34th Street Christmas lights is sanctimonious and insincere nonsense”

The threat of no Christmas lights has been a tremendous success! Brandon, I think you missed the point. The media doesn't care that subway was robbed at gun point or that a poor old man had his head cracked open by some teenagers. Not to mention the other murders & assaults you failed to write about in our surrounding community. That's not sexy enough to warrant headlines, but banning a fun yearly tradition...Hampden is being mentioned in every media outlet I see.

–“Andrew Burch,” Oct. 2

Please keep in mind your observation on "decreased crime" is based on a statistic on arrests, not reports of crime. And the time periods on which they're reporting do not address the claims that crime has increased over the past few months, not a year-over-year observation. The data is skewed to tell the most positive story it can.

As a resident of Hampden and someone whose place of employment is in this neighborhood as well, I am keen on the conversations my neighboring residents and businesses are having regarding this issue. I give kudos to my neighbors and friends on 34th for making this statement, and think this article unfairly addresses a crucial situation on a highly populous and high-profile Baltimore neighborhood.


This article doesn't address the key issue: a neighborhood is becoming increasingly dangerous in the eyes of its citizens, and the City is doing little to remedy a factual situation.

–“Bill Ritson,” Oct. 2

Brandon, I have to say that as a resident of Hampden for the last 5 years I found your article to be arrogant, and void of any real substance. There are some very real concerns facing residents in Hampden today. As a journalist it is your civic duty to help facilitate and further these discussions as they take place in our communities. But your words here today have contributed nothing (0%) to that larger discussion. This kind of misguided journalism will not move us forward as a community. This is jr. college newspaper bullshit. If you plan to be a journalist one day then you have a long road ahead of you. I can tell you shallow rants like this will not get you there.

–“Matt Rains,” Oct. 2

I strongly suggest that you review actual facts regarding keeping our lights off before posting such an article that not only lacks substance but truth. The ONE event you mention of crime in the neighborhood is not the sole reason for this idea or "threat" as you would prefer it. An armed robbery occurred on my front porch at my door. The address of this robbery being on 34th street and a very active residence during the Christmas lights. For the past three years my roommates and I have joyfully participated each holiday season and have worked tirelessly to create and display lights for hundreds of Baltimore residents. No questions asked, when we moved in we understood that this was an institution and jumped on board. After having someone in my house mugged at my door I would at least like to raise the importance of a better lit street to protect those living around me. Yes, I think this would help diminish the recent crimes that have been hitting too close to home and would make me proud to turn my lights on at Christmas. I don't need cops to patrol my street every night but a more well light environment surrounding Hampden would make us all feel a bit more at ease knowing the hundreds of people to visit each Christmas would be safely walking back to their cars. Thank you.

–“Jena Richardson,” Oct. 2

This moron didn't do his research.

–“Tiffany Barron,” Oct. 3

I don't think anyone realizes the hampden merchants would not let 34th Street go without their lights on

–“Angela Devoti,” Oct. 3

Seems like the city paper employee is a little butthurt he can't get mommy to take him to see the lights this year... waaaa. Grow up and realize those numbers aren't real. There padded you ass munch. If threatening the lights gets some cops in the area for a change then so be it.

–“Steph Sampson,” Oct. 3

Brandon, the strategy worked and there are more patrols now. One day, you will be good and get to work for a real paper.

–“Nescio,” Oct. 5

I live in Medfield, have lived between Hampden and Medfield all of my life, and yes crime is up. The statistics might not show it probably because neighbors get tired of reporting it b/c nothing ever comes out of it. In the last year, I have had my vehicles broken into a minimum of 4 times, contacted police, chased down criminals myself, only for the court case to be thrown out.

In regards to calling people loudmouths, he is just voicing his concerns. If he didn't organize the lights and put them up every year and take on the expenses along with his neighbors, do you really think that many people would be coming through Hampden during the holidays, and infusing the local business with income?

Let's all try to see what we can do as a community to stop he crime and keep this a nice community because if we don't, lifelong residence like myself may think differently about living in this community.

–“Lissa Gotti,” Oct. 5
“The High Life”

Can't get a job with dirty piss so hmm

–“Damein Fleming,” Oct. 1

Please know it's still illegal with civil penalty vs. criminal for small portions...don't get too excited!

–“Amarie Twins,” Oct. 1

I still don't trust this shit bc police be on dat bs still a lock ya ass up anyway they grimmy in da city!!!!

–“Willie Fitzgaral,” Oct. 1

All this means is that you will be fined if thw police catch you with less than 10 grams. Any more and your ass is getting locked up. Educate yourselves

–“Josh Hoffman,” Oct. 1

Oh my god everyone take step back. This isn't a big deal for either side of the coin. Let just say it's going to free up some of your taxes, So they can take it with PARKING TICKETS, RAIN TAXES AND OTHERS!!! IT'S A POLITICAL SNOW BALL AND YOUR ALL GETTING HIT WITH IT!!

–“Blackmen Norris,” Oct. 1

Drugs are bad. You kids should be ashamed of yourselves.

–“Lothario Laka,” Oct. 1

Its always yeah no yeah no.... Stop playing games. We as citizens, we understand. Yall trying to get us in the trick bags again. Think about it. It is... but its NOT!! Please we the people will do what we been doing.....

–“Tea Bailey,” Oct. 1

Ima get high in front of 50 hahahahahahahahahahah

–“Scott Franklin,” Oct. 1

People talkin about smoking infront of the police on here.. you go ahead and do that. We need less stupid people on the streets anyway

–“Josh Hoffman,” Oct. 1

Keep up the fight, Can't have paraphernalia, can't buy it, can't smoke it, and you can't grow it. The ten grams in my pocket manifested its own existence....

–“James Bonham,” Oct. 1
Correction: The photo with last week’s music story (“Go Shed Your Past,” Oct. 1) should be credited to Ben McNutt, not Josh Sisk. City Paper regrets the error.