Baltimore City Paper

The Mail 12/10/14

Deer Me

I just cracked open the new issue of the City Paper and read/saw your dead deer with a clown nose thing (Mail, Dec. 3; Online under City Paper Staff Holiday Picks). C'mon now, that's ridiculous at best and deplorable at truth. Turning a deer corpse into a fuckin' clown joke is sick as shit. Shame on you, motherfuckers. Shit ain't funny, it's sick. How bout I show up to Charlie Herricks' viewing and stick a clown nose on [his] face, take some pictures and try to win a prize with that?! Fuck ya'll and the idea you had.

Johnathan D. Albrecht
Bel Air

This is easily the dumbest thing I've read in weeks. Everything about it is just absolutely repulsive and stupid. It's quite astounding, really. How is this not satire?

–“zelig7777,” Dec. 3

Dude, please make sure you show up drunk at future discussions of movies to offer such insightful (and incisive) commentary. I'll never forget when I stood up during a panel discussion of The French Connection and yelled, "Fuck the police!" Man, that was fucking cool as shit.

–“michaelmhughes,” Dec. 4

Your dog looks adorable in that t-shirt

–“Patrick Hess,” Dec. 5

One of the many memorable exchanges from the panel: "So, like, what if you look at the movie through the lens of Deckard being the villain?"

"Well he is the villain because he's a cop. Fuck cops."

Btw I'm still tickled that the heckling mostly came from BAYNARD'S WIFE.

–“ohmustard,” Dec. 5

Very well written. Thank you for articulating these important responses to what's going on. x

–“lauramargerie,” Dec. 8

Very disruptive AND disrespectful to the performers on stage! (I was there, and their loud chanting was completely blocking out the choir on stage; so, I just left and went inside the Walter's Museum where I could enjoy the live music there until the fireworks started.)

–“Michael Brand,” Dec. 6

Stay out of the road or get hit by a car. Protest peacefully and don't inconvenience people.

–“Amy Cashell,” Dec. 4


–“Joseph Robert Gouse,” Dec. 5

It's sad but they do need more space. I would LOVE to see more activities and festivals in mt. Vernon. It's always been one of my fav neighborhoods. Best of luck!!!

–“Katy Young Kahl,” Dec. 5

Good. I won't have to take the circulator to Mount Vernon. I can just walk there.

–“Jennifer Poynot,” Dec. 5

Major dislike

–“Ryan Flanigan,” Dec. 5

What a horrible decision …

–“Cléo Arbia-Rose,” Dec. 5

It was awful this year–scattered and unfocused. Bad decision.

–“Michael Hughes,” Dec. 5

It was a great BF this year and I'm sure the vendors appreciated all of the increased sales. There are some issues to be sorted out but what a way to showcase local talent!

–“Lynda Gomeringer,” Dec. 5

Yeah really thought the setup at the harbor was awful

–“Kate Dexter,” Dec. 5

Unbelievable. Shatters the history of the event and ignores the cultural literacy of Mt. Vernon. Personally I probably will never go to another festival. Number of times I go to inner harbor in a year I can count on 1 hand. I am in Mt. Vernon or surrounding and neighborhoods hundreds of time a year.

–“Dave Marcoot,” Dec. 5

The harbor isn't good for anything really

–“Julia Kalthof,” Dec. 5

Oh brilliant, does this mean the park to which I bring my son is going to be overrun with Serial fans?

–“Adeline Sutter,” Dec. 5

Sad. Very sad.

–"Tracy Santoro," Dec. 5

Mutilated? Please...pan & scan was mutilation...not this...

–“Richard Smith,” Dec. 3

the 4:3 ratio is what robs the director/creator of their original vision, not 16:9. the idea that it was somehow mutilated is totally absurd.

–“Blair Kunkle,” Dec. 3

But when the director/creator designed their shots around the 4:3 frame, then that 4:3 frame *is* the original vision. Expanding it to 16:9 gives more information, but it does away with the careful planning & balance that went into the shots. As Simon says in the article, it is a trade-off

–“Jack Smith,” Dec. 5

Cute concept for a story.

–“Cassandra Lems,” Dec. 3

This was funny! I'm jewish and my husband is Christian. Ive Been attempting to get my 4 year old to grasp Hanukkah but all she asks about is Santa. Next year I'm going to do elf on the shelf and mensch on the bench for her and my 2 year old.

–“Meredith Dombrowski,” Dec. 4

Another example of why you should always live in big city that doesn't take itself too seriously.

–“Natalie G. Stockard,” Dec. 4

I am a Mom who grew up in the 70's, listening to 60's and 70' music. I started listening to the Black Keys several years ago, and found out my 22 year old son loved them too. We both finally got to see them live in Boston for the Turn Blue Tour. I love this Band! I would love to see them again, and wish I could have caught them at the Royal Farms.


Patrick and Dan, your music makes me happy. Can't wait for the next tour.

–“martelpaul_deb,” Dec. 6