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The other day we heard ourselves saying, "Medfield is the new Hampden," which was not at all what we meant to say (beer) but it makes about as much sense as the nonsensical "Baltimore is the new Brooklyn." Screw Williamsburg; Baltimore's been building a solid base of independent shops inspired by the DIY DNA running through our orange-and-purple blood since before Lena Dunham was born. Most Baltimoreans would rather keep our dimes local whether shopping for our homes, closets, or our friends and family. Sure, you'll find a few chain stores on this list but many more regionally owned and operated shops full of the good stuff we love to spend our hard-earned dolla bills on.

Federal Hill

Alliance Comics


904 Light St., (410) 685-0021, alliancecomicsonline.com

Self-proclaimed as "Maryland's Coolest Comic Shop;" sells comics in print, in toy versions, and on tees for all you nerds and the folks who love you.


American Apparel 

1125-1127 Light St., (410) 244-7260, americanapparel.net

Offers cotton, leather, and spandex in styles both classic and rather humiliating for a certain 44-year-old.

Apothecary Wellness

1200 Light St., (443) 540-4022, apothecary-wellness.com

Sells yummy potions and lotions for face and body along with services to keep you looking and feeling peaceful.

The Book Escape

805 Light St., (410) 504-1902, thebookescape.com

A bibliophile's dream selection of lovingly used books ranging from chick lit to cookery, history, art, and local interests.

Brightside Boutique & Art Studio

1133 S. Charles St., (410) 244-1133, brightsidebaltimore.com 

With a second location in Fells Point, this boutique has the sweetest little necklaces at tiny prices and other youthful additions to your closet.


Dan Brothers Shoes

1032 S. Charles St., (410) 752-8175

Baltimore's old-school shoe shop; sells classic and comfortable brands and is also a cobbler so they can re-sole the ones you bought from them 20 years back.

Dolce Vita Leather and Fashions

1038 South Charles St., (410) 837-5066

Purveyors of grown-up looks, best described as Dan Brothers' closet cousin.

Klein's Antiques and Collectibles

912 S. Charles St., (410) 752-6562

Features the titacular antiques and collectibles but also houses Federal Restoration and Antiques (federalrestorations.net) to keep your oldies looking good.

Light Street Cycles

1124 Light St., (410) 685-2234, lightstcycles.com

Bike shop sells and fixes bicycles for the city commuter, two-wheeling families, and  pleasure coasters alike.

LoveLace Showroom

1201 Light St., (410) 528-5978, lovelacetoujours.com

Sells street fashion for the urban upwardly mobile with a killer corner location.

Morstein's Jewelers

1114 Light St., (410) 727-3232, morsteinsjewelers.com

Over a century old; sells the kind of jewelry and timepieces you'll pass on to future generations. And they'll also repair any in need of love.

Pandora's Box

50 E. Cross St., (410) 244-1442, facebook.com/shoppandorasbox

Just doors down from many Fed Hill drinkeries, PB sells seasonal accessories, affordable baubles, and easy gifts for girls.

Posh Jewels and Real Divas are Large

1129 Light St., (443) 985-1068 

Has the greatest name in retail history and sells a range of sizes up to 3x, bitches!

Shofer's Furniture

930 Charles St., (410) 752-4212, shofers.com

A 70,000-square-foot mecca for those ready to move away from Ikea and toward one of Shofer's 200 designer case goods and upholstery brands.

Fells Point


1623 Thames St., (410) 342-5000, amusetoys.com

Has the most whimsical and educational toys for all the talented shorties in your world.

The Antique Man 

1806-12 Fleet St., (410) 732-0932, theantiquemanltd.com

A virtual museum of curiosities, artifacts, and old stuff from the region and beyond.

Babe. (a boutique) 

1716 Aliceanna St., (410) 244-5114, babeaboutique.com

Offers a tightly curated collection of name-brand clothing, jewelry, and bags for the babe in the city.


714 S. Broadway, (410) 657-8000, capitolmac.com

They will sell you gadgets to keep your Apple productive and polish it if and when it gets sick.

Corduroy Button 

1625 Thames St., (410) 276-5437, thecorduroybutton.com

Hands-down the cutest kids clothing shop in the whole universe, no hyperbole.


813 S. Broadway, (410) 522-0941, cupcake-shop.com

A veteran CP Best Of winner. One of those women's boutiques that's worth running into whenever you're in Fells—you never know what you'll buy.

Fashion Attic

1926 Fleet St., (443) 276-0817, thefashionattic.com

For when full-priced clothing just isn't in the cards, FA sells gently worn on-trend items along with a few vintage treasures.

Fells Point Surf Co.

1631 Thames St., (410) 276-7873, fpsurfco.com

Sup brah, wanna hang 10 with beach-worthy clothing and all the buoys and whistles to go along? Come on through!


1643 Thames St., (410) 732-0017

A clothing store for the more adult woman; features ornately detailed jewelry and sizes 0-18.

A Good Yarn 

1738 Aliceanna St., (410) 327-3884, agoodyarn.com


Offers classes and good advice—after a decade and a half in the biz—plus yarn, needles, and more supplies for the knitting crafter.


Gorilla King Comics

1711 Aliceanna St., (410) 327-0181

Sells a shit-ton of comics to those of you that probably get the reference in the store name.

Hats In The Belfry 

813-B S. Broadway, (410) 342-7480, hatsinthebelfry.com

Our go-to for hats for ladies and chaps regardless of the season.

Inka Kuya 

817 S. Broadway, (410) 276-5396, inkakuya.weebly.com

This place is all Peruvian gifts and clothing, including the sweetest little colorful bits for boys and girls.

Joe's Bike Shop 

723-B S. Broadway, (443) 869-3435, joesbikeshop.com

Deals in two-wheels both new and used along with all the additions you need to ride, plus the solid advice is always generously free.


1709 Aliceanna St., (410) 669-0600, facebook.com/KatwalkFashionShowroom 

Showcases high-fashion looks, street apparel, and one-of-a-kind trappings.

Killer Trash 

602 S. Broadway, (410) 675-2449 

Like a gigantic garage sale thrown by 100 fashionistas ages 13-100 looking to clean out their closets—yeah, it's that good.


1744 Aliceanna St., (410) 327-9499, majacollections.com

"A Nomadic Journey in Wearable and Collectible Artistry," plus music, soap, and incense for sale along the way.

Party Dress

723 S. Broadway, (410) 675-5105, partydressboutique.com

They will deck you out in a flirty dress for that holiday party, sure, but also offer up options for a summer BBQ, nephew's graduation, work engagement, or a blind date.

Polina's Privé Fine Lingerie 

724 S. Broadway, (410) 276-0205, polinasprive.com

An intimate little boutique; carries the prettiest underthings in lace, cotton, mesh, and silk.

Poppy and Stella

728 S. Broadway, (410) 522-1970, poppyandstella.com

Killing it as per usual with the freaking cutest heels, wedges, flats, boots, and sandals along with a tightly edited selection of apparel, jewelry, handbags, and butter London nail polish.

Su Casa 

901 S. Bond St., (410) 522-7010, sucasa-furniture.com

Carries all the habitat trends you see on ApartmentTherapy.com for your Baltimore rowhouse.com or cityrental.com.

Ten Thousand Villages

1621 Thames St., (410) 342-5568, tenthousandvillages.com

Sells fair-trade, handmade items from all over the world for all over yours.

Harbor East


280 International Drive, (410) 332-4012, anthropologie.com

Sells a cutesy, worldly lifestyle via adorable housewares, sweet sweaters and blouses, unique trousers, Etsy-looking dresses, and old-fashioned jewelry reproductions.

Arhaus Furniture

660 S. Exeter St., (410) 244-6376, arhaus.com

A northeast chain with gorgeous pieces for your home and lovely tokens to bring to a homewarming party.

Bin 604

604 S. Exeter St., (410) 576-0444, bin604.com

Makes wine-buying a breeze with an approachable inventory, helpful staff, and $100 boxes with a dozen mix-'em-up bottles.

City Sports 

809 Aliceanna St., (410) 837-4420, citysports.com

A nice-sized sports clothing shop; inspires the runner, hiker, swimmer, biker, and general workouter to get it done looking good in the appropriate gear.


1033 Lancaster St. #130, (410) 727-6262, curiosityforthehome.com 

Subtitled: Intriguing Objects for the Home. Recently moved from Fed Hill and features a bevy of beautiful things curated by local interior designer Katie DeStefano.

Handbags in the City

840 Aliceanna St., (410) 528-1443, handbagsinthecity.com

Sells Tory Burch, Marc Jacobs, MCM, Kate Spade, Fendi, Dior, Burberry, and DVF bags, sunglasses, clothing, and accessories.


120 International Drive, (410) 637-8231, jcrew.com

An outpost of the modern take on preppy; sells covetable suits, beachwear, soft tees, cozy sweaters, and a small but tight selection of shoes and jewelry. Oh, and stuff for men.

Loafers & Laces 

612 S. Exeter St., (410) 244-5344, loafersandlaces.com

Sells classic men's shoes, clothing, and accessories from that small little storefront that's seen a few different businesses in the past—maybe this one will stick.

Lululemon Athletica

820 Aliceanna St., (410) 528-5485, lululemon.com

Makes such stylish yoga wear, you gonna wanna get your Namaste on every day.


805 Aliceanna St., (410) 244-1114, sassanova.com

A tiny closet for the adult princess (who vacations to warm locales); sells girly goods and perfect gifts.

South Moon Under

815 Aliceanna St., (410) 685-7820, southmoonunder.com

A boutique with men's and women's clothing; can skew slightly young but is always fresh and fun.

Under Armour

700 S. President St., (410) 528-5304, underarmour.com

Baltimore's Nike. Sells amazing sneakers for around $100 and all-weather workout togs.

Whole Foods


1001 Fleet St., (410) 528-1640, wholefoodsmarket.com

Sells more and more what a "clean" household and body need to run efficiently and deliciously.

Inner Harbor

Barnes and Noble

601 E. Pratt St., (410) 385-1709, barnesandnoble.com

Bookstore for when you want to browse magazines or take the kids to a good, old-fashioned kids' book section.

The Gallery

200 E. Pratt St., (410) 332-4191, thegalleryatharborplace.com

It's a fucking mall with mall stores and a Starbucks.

Harborplace Pratt Street Pavilion

201 E. Pratt St., (410) 323-1000, harborplace.com

Hats in the Belfry, the Flag Shop, Life in Charm City, Edo Sushi, etc.

Harborplace Light Street Pavilion

201 E. Pratt St., (410) 323-1000, harborplace.com

Ripley's Believe it or Not, H&M, Urban Outfitters, Hooters, Bubba Gump Shrimp Co, McCormick World of Flavors, etc.

Mount Vernon


501 N. Charles St., (410) 837-2323, beadazzled.net

Has been doing a Pinterest thing with beads and other baubles since before Pinterest, so get your beading supplies local, hon.

The Doll House Boutique

525 N. Charles St., (443) 874-7900, shopdollhouseboutique.com 

Emphasizes original designs by owner Natalie Karyl and other local designers.

For Rent Shoes

515 Cathedral St., (443) 873-9928, forrentshoes.com

It is actually NOT for rent but sells dope sneaks (including a Treton decorated with "maple" leaves), rotating art, and sweet tees, sunglasses, and awesome kids' crap.

Gian Marco Menswear

517 N. Charles St., (410) 347-7974, gianmarco.org

Covers all your Italian and bespoke menswear needs—and you're gonna need a silk shirt and new tie after walking in.

OK Natural 

11 W. Preston St., (410) 837-3911, oknaturalfoods.com

A health-food store like your momma used to co-op at, plus shop cat!

Paris West

521 N. Charles St., (410) 528-1877, pariswestoptical.com

The answer to your Lenscrafters nightmare of too many boring frames and not enough smaller, chic brands in eyewear.

A People United

516 N. Charles St., (410) 727-4471, apeopleunited.com

Serious hippie trappings—and incense, furniture, jewelry, etc.—from artisans in Nepal who receive fair wages for their handiwork.

Star Won Fashions

823 N. Charles St., (410) 547-7827, starwonboutique.wix.com

Like their website says, presents clothing in urban chic, party glam, and sassy sophisticate styles.

The Woman's Industrial Exchange

333 N. Charles St., (410) 685-4388, womansindustrialexchange.org

Started in 1880 (!), sells locally made unique arts and crafts with the majority of the $ going back to the consignors.

The Zone

813 N. Charles St., (410) 539-2817

Vintage clothing store ain't cheap, but you'll find amazingly diverse looks from every moment in fashion history.


Avenue Antiques

901 W. 36th St., (410) 467-0329, avenueantiques.com

Houses three packed floors of antique vendors, each with its own speciality, including clothing, mid-century modern, and prairie.

Atomic Books

3620 Falls Road, (941) 662-4444, atomicbooks.com

Co-owned by occasional City Paper contributor Benn Ray; sells new and used books while housing the Celebrated Summer record store and Eightbar.

The Bottom Drawer

1001-A. W. 36th St., (410) 783-8998, bottomdrawerboutique.com

Sells panties, bras, and other forget-me-nots for ladies and those who love to see them in as little as possible.

Breathe Books

810 W. 36th St., (410) 235-7323, breathebooks.com

Wins the awards for chillest bookstore/vegetarian cafe/ayurveda (Chinese medicine) devotees/drum circle.

Hunting Ground

3649 Falls Road, (410) 243-0789, shophuntingground.com

Run by the nicest, coolest folks around and their well-curated stock of new and vintage wear for men and women always has us reaching for our uncool wallet.

In the Details

813 W. 36th St., (410) 889-0380, inthedetailsshop.com

Sells affordable men's and women's clothing from independent designs off the beaten path. They are also nice.

In Watermelon Sugar

3555 Chestnut Ave., (410) 662-9090, watermelon-sugar.com

One of our most favorite places to buy gifts for the home and body we want to keep for ourselves. Everyone in Hampden is nice, just FYI.

K Staton Boutique

1007-A W. 36th St., (410) 400-9113, kstaton.com

Doesn't cotton to one-size-fits-all and instead stocks the latest fashions in sizes fit for a queen, plus baubles and pocket books.

Kiss N' Make-Up

827 W. 36th St., (410) 467-5477

Makes shopping for beauty products waaaaay more fun than hitting the Nordstrom cosmetic counters or the Rite Aid on Falls.

Ma Petite Shoe

832 W. 36th St., (410) 235-3442, mapetiteshoe.com

Shills European-styled shoes and boots along with really fun socks and a prodigious selection of chocolates.


1005 W. 36th St., (410) 235-3800, shopmilagro.com


One of our favorite retails in Baltimore; sells international goodies from places like Japan and Mexico along with winsome jewelry made by the owner.

9th Life

833 W. 36th St., (410) 534-9999, 9th-life.com

A trashy, colorful, and fun-filled emporium trading in new and used clothing and shit.

Sixteen Tons and DoubleDutch

1021 36th St., (410) 554-0101, shop16tons.com; (410) 554-0055,doubledutchboutique.com

A partnership made in heaven; nails on-point looks for the urban lumberjack and Susie homemaker who works in a restaurant and grows herbs on her Boh-strewn front stoop—in a good way.

Soft and Cozy Baby

915 W. 36th St., (410) 467-2229, softandcozybaby.com

A baby-goods store that knows that baby goods should be both soft and cozy.

Sturgis Antiques & Collectibles

3554 Roland Ave., (410) 262-5383, sturgisantiques.com

Has more antique stock than his packed little shop lets on—just ask and definitely touch.


921 W. 36th St., (410) 366-3456, trohvshop.com

This is a perennial on CP's Best Of list and is so good at filling its two stores with housewares we want that we'll forgive it its bee-keeping window display.

Vu Skate Shop

3608 Falls Road, (410) 523-6113, vuskateboardshop.com

Kicks it old school with serious decks and wheels, dope sneaks, and solid advice that'll keep you rolling without losing your dough.

On the Road

Gogo's Retread Threads 

Takes fun vintage togs with a flair for the flirty on the road to a festival, farmers market, and gathering near you.

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