1. Carlos Gonzalez ,"Test Tube #3" (self-published)

The editor of "WEIRD" magazine, the artist behind a number of brutally funny comics (most recently "Old Ground" #1), and frequent creator of compelling Floristree flyers picks the 10 best small-press comics of 2014.

  1. Carlos Gonzalez ,“Test Tube #3” (self-published)
  2. Lala Albert, “Janus” (Breakdown Press)
  3. Conor Stechschulte, “Generous Bosom” (Breakdown Press)
  4. Mickey Zacchilli, Michael DeForge, and Patrick Kyle, “Medicine Comic #1” (self-published)
  5. Molly Colleen O’Connell, “Stripp Mall” (poety unlimited)
  6. Various, “Square Dance at Palms Promenade” (Spider’s Pee Paw)
  7. Leon Sadler, “Comfort Break Halo” (self-published)
  8. Anya Davidson, “Dying Wizard” (Sacred Prism)
  9. Patrick Kyle, “New Comics 4” (Mother Books)
  10. Lale Westvind, “Now and Here#3” (Pegacorn Press)