Hampdenfest 2013
(Courtesy of Hampdenfest)
The organizers of Hampdenfest, not to be confused with Honfest, announced on their Facebook page that the event planned for September has been cancelled due to another city festival to be held onthe same weekend in September. Here's the post in full:
"We've just been notified by Baltimore City, despite planning on it for most of 2014, that our traditional second Saturday in September date, (this year, September 13) would not be available for us to host Hampdenfest due to the city's commitment to the Sailabration/Star Spangled Banner Anniversary festivities downtown (as we understand it, they simply don't have the resources to allow us to put on our festival at the same time), and after careful discussion with our festival partners, the organizers of Hampdenfest are saddened to have to announce that it won't be possible to put on Hampdenfest in 2014.
Given the logistics and planning that goes into putting on a festival the size of Hampdenfest, it is simply not possible to switch dates this close to when it was originally scheduled to take place. Changing dates means losing sponsors, vendors and entertainers. Also, pushing the festival back later means we would be in conflict with other major city festivals and events. So the organizers have determined that instead of throwing together a ramshackle festival as a result of this date change, it's best for Hampdenfest to regretfully take a year off.
We are determined to use this time to begin planning for 2015's Hampdenfest to once again put on a festival the neighborhood can be proud of.