Food Trucks

Bistro Lunch Box

@bistrolunchbox, bistrolunchbox.com

An astoundingly large menu for a single lunch box, serving crab cakes, brisket, lamb, and Ahi tuna, along with a formidable array of toppings for house cut fries.

Busia’s Kitchen

@busiaskitchen, busiaskitchen.com

A Polish food truck? Tak! That means yes in Polish, but you won't need to translate to order delicious cheese pierogi, golabki, and even simple hot dogs. The Polish platter is tremendous and cheap.


Cruisin’ Cafe

@CruisinCafeLLC, cruisincafe.net

Crab, shrimp, crab, chicken, crab, crab, and crab. Get the crab fries.

Darua food truck


Brazilian street food peddlers offering empanadas, croquetes, pastel, yucca fries, and feijoada, the legendary stick-to-your-ribs bean-and-beef stew.

The Green Bowl


Latin and Asian fusion entrees in your bowl. Mofongo, fried rice, and not-to-be-missed bibimbap.


@grrche, grrche.com

This beloved truck offers gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches on the go. But these aren't just any grilled cheese sandwiches, these are the kind of creations that might have been dreamed up by Blondie's sandwich-loving husband when he accidentally smoked weed. Crab grilled cheese? Check. Angus beef on a grilled cheese? You know it. The best grilled cheese you'll ever eat.

Gypsy Queen CafÉ

@thegypsytruck, gypsyqueencafe.com

When we first tried the Korean cheesesteak, we couldn’t talk about anything else for months. It’s a huge mess, but the kimchi, steak, and cheesy sauce are so well worth it that we’d eat it naked with no napkins if we had to. Everything they serve is almost that good. Almost.

The Jolly Pig

@thejollypig, thejollypig.com

Around the world into your mouth: Korean BBQ, Jamaican jerk, Kung Pao, Cuban, Thai, you name it, the Pig has it as a "mix and match" option, along with a selection of daily sandwich specials.

Kommie Pig

@kommiepigbbq, kommiepig.com

Kommie Pig has the best pulled pork this side of Andy Nelson's. It's not smothered with wet sauce but defined by the flavor of the meat and a dry rub. The collard greens and the baked beans are damn good too. They've got an enjoyable sense of humor and a cool-looking truck.

Kooper’s Chowhound

@BRGRWagon, kooperschowhound.com

One of the first food trucks on the scene, Kooper’s keeps rockin’ those sinfully good gourmet burgers. Sure, they let you build your own, but you probably won’t come up with anything as decadent as the insanely delicious Baja burger. It’s dangerous when they park close to your office too often.

Miss Shirley’s Café

@MiSsShirleys, missshirleys.COM/foodtruck

The queen of Southern brunch has hit the streets with her crispy chicken and waffles. We’re surprised she hasn’t been fined for disrupting traffic.

The Smoking Swine

@TheSmokingSwine, thesmokingswine.com

Pulled pork, ribs, great rubs and sauces, local fave Tanner's pickles, but to know the brisket served from this truck is to know G-d.

Souper Freak

@souperfreaky, souperfreaks.com

This team is now running Woman's Industrial Kitchen, but you can still find their orange truck out on
the road serving gourmet soups, salads, and

South Carolina BBQ

@ScCaterers, sccaterers.com 

Ribs, chicken, pork, beef, and sausage. Any

Sultan Food Tandoor Truck

@SultanFoodTruck, sultanfoodtruck.com

Halal Indian cuisine (Chicken Tikka Masala and Curry, Lamb Vindaloo, Chickpea Curry) and naan cooked to order in a rolling tandoor oven.

Tacos Jalisco

South Broadway near Bank Street

This food truck has more in common with the little taco joints of Upper Fells than it does with the trendier new food trucks. And that’s not a bad thing. With no web presence, Tacos Jalisco is more interested in feeding you good,
cheap tacos than it is in updating a Twitter feed.


@THEWILDDOGCART, thewilddogcart.com, (410) 718-2401

The Wild Dog’s sole base item is the Nathan’s jumbo hot dog, but it is offered with a gazillion topping combination possibilities, from kraut to Swiss cheese to Old Bay to green chilies. Call ahead for pickup service. 

Woodys Taco Island

@WoodysTacos, woodystacoisland.com

It’s a metaphorical island, with tacos on it, plus offerings of non-taco items such as the mind-boggling “Woody Dog,” replete with braised pork, slaw, queso fresco and sriracha sesame mayo.