Guacamole Deviled Eggs

Deviled eggs are kind of

having a moment, and for good reason: Not only are eggs inexpensive and highly nutritious, but deviled eggs are gluten-free, paleo, and generally vegetarian (sorry, vegans). Even better, deviled eggs are super-customizable. Here, I swap out traditional mayonnaise for creamy avocado (which I prefer over mayo on sandwiches anyway), mash it together with my egg yolks and add in classic guacamole flavorings.


Since these are a riff on guacamole, I mash the filling by hand with a fork rather than pureeing in a food processor, so as to keep some of those delicious lumps that guacamole is so famous for. If, however, you prefer silky-smooth yolks, feel free to use a blender or food processor.

I love these on their own, as part of an array of appetizers, or atop lightly dressed greens for a high-protein, low-carbohydrate lunch. Whatever you do, be sure to eat these soon after you make them, since the avocado will start to brown slightly if you wait too long. I don't think it'll be a problem though-I barely got through taking photos of these without devouring them.


6 eggs, hard-boiled


1/2 ripe avocado

$1.50 for 1

2 green onions, minced

50 cents

1 tablespoon minced fresh cilantro leaves (a very small handful)

$1 for a bunch

1/4 jalapeño (seeds intact if you like spicy-discard them if not), finely chopped

25 cents

juice of 1/4 lime

50 cents for a whole lime


salt to taste


red pepper flakes


Total cost of ingredients:



Let the eggs cool completely after hard-boiling them. Slice each egg lengthwise and gently pop out the yolks. Place yolks in a bowl and arrange the eggs on a serving platter.

In a mixing bowl, combine the egg yolks, avocado, green onions, cilantro, jalapeño, lime juice, and salt. Use the back of a fork to smash well. (It's OK to leave a few lumps: You want the mixture to be creamy, but not perfectly smooth.)

Use a spoon to heap the guacamole mixture into the egg whites.

Top with a thin slices of lime, jalapeño, and/or red pepper flakes, if desired.

Serves 2-3.

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