1 MD Brewers

The Sun recently reported that the state's growing brewing industry generates more than $95 million in economic activity and 20,000 jobs-not to mention all the good buzzes. But, as always, when money gets involved so do lawyers, and we could be seeing the beginning of the Great Maryland Beer Trademark Wars TM, with Ozzy Osbourne sending Brewer's Art a cease-and-desist letter over its Ozzy Ale and Duclaw suing Left Hand and other breweries. Can't we settle this with a game of quarters?

2 General Assembly

The GA passed landmark legislation this week, banning discrimination against transgender people and riling up right-wing crazies in the process-well done! The House of Delegates also passed a budget giving about $11 million to House of Cards, adding in a hollow threat to seize, by "eminent domain," the show's "property" in the event it leaves the state. Until Kevin Spacey agrees to a House of Delegates spinoff, legislators should leave the drama to the professionals.

3 Open Walls

As the groundbreaking Station North street art project celebrated the launch of its second round of murals, Luminous Intervention staged a protest called "Open Walls = Sausage Party" noting that, of the 14 planned murals, only one is by a female artist. In a response to the protest on citypaper.com, Open Walls curator Gaia took full responsibility for the disparity and said he is "working to remediate the issue" but added that "in the grand scheme of things our roster is very diverse," which sounds like a less-than-full acceptance of responsibility. To be continued...

4 Sparrows Point

Rumors went around earlier this month that Hilco, the liquidation firm that bought the mill at Sparrows Point, was planning to implode the iconic L Furnace. This weekend, they ended up imploding the Basic Oxygen Furnace, which is not the one you can see from the road, with the Bethlehem Steel star, but it is a reminder of what is to come as the old mill will have to be entirely dismantled and liquidated, erasing a key piece of Baltimore history.


In response to efforts of the art school's adjunct faculty to form a union ("The Art of Organizing," March 19), outgoing MICA president Fred Lazarus and other administration officials have sent out letters urging adjuncts to vote "No" and consider "whether you want to turn over important job rights to a union." In other bad PR news, The Atlantic, using data from PayScale, ranked the school ninth in its list of U.S. colleges that are "The Biggest Waste of Money."