Frozen, Homefront, The Book Thief, Black Nativity, and Nebraska


Kristen Bell (of


Veronica Mars

) voices Pixar princess Anna, who presides over a bustling city in a temperate climate. She's pitted against her evil sister Elsa (Idina Menzel), who casts a spell that submerges the city in a midsummer deep freeze, in this Disney flick.

Opens Nov. 27


Jason Statham plays conspicuously British single dad Phil living in the American South with his daughter, basking in some down-home charm. After Phil's daughter trounces a bully in a schoolyard fight, the bully's relatives ask shady, meth-cooking Gator (James Franco) to intimidate her and her dad. In the course of his snooping, Gator finds out that Phil is an undercover cop. Melees ensues as Statham does his thing.

Opens Nov. 27


Based on Markus Zusak's mega-successful novel,

The Book Thief

tells the story of young Liesel (Sophie Nélisse), who is adopted by an older couple (Geoffrey Rush and Emily Watson) in World War II-era Germany. When she discovers that her adoptive parents are hiding a Jewish man in their house, Liesel befriends him-and starts filching books for him.

Opens Nov. 27


When Langston, a roughneck teen from Baltimore, travels to New York for Christmas with his wealthy, churchgoing relatives (Forest Whitaker and Angela Bassett), he gets an ego-check. Unable to walk over them like he does his single mother (Jennifer Hudson), Langston is compelled to consider the Holy Spirit. Gospel-music numbers and inspiration follow. Based on a play by Langston Hughes.

Opens Nov. 27



In the tradition of

About Schmidt


Lost in Translation

, and this year's

All Is Lost

-movies featuring erstwhile figureheads of big-screen virility reduced to old men-we're presented with


. Bruce Dern plays grizzled, down-on-his-luck Woody, who's making a pilgrimage to his hometown based on the promise of a million dollars he "won" in a sweepstakes.

Saturday Night Live

veteran Will Forte plays Woody's son, who vacillates between letting his aged father believe in his far-fetched prize and trying to dissuade him from his foolhardiness. When the citizens of Wood's small town descend on him, angling for his newfound wealth, reality and fantasy collide in this black-and-white offering from director Alexander Payne (

The Descendants




Opens at the Charles Theatre Nov. 27