Your "Big Beer Issue" was one of your best, doing a tremendous job in backing up our hometown Baltimore beer-making concerns.

Your "Big Beer Issue" (Feature, Oct. 16) was one of your best, doing a tremendous job in backing up our hometown Baltimore beer-making concerns.

I'll put a Duckpin Pale Ale by Union Craft Brewing up against anything made by Sierra Nevada. Also very good is the Pendulum Pilsner produced by Peabody Heights Brewing, though I think the flavor of their Raven Special Lager has mysteriously gone away since moving the works to Waverly.

Hugh Sisson also deserves hearty applause for his Heavy Seas Gold Ale.

I've been everywhere from Eastern Europe to the Caribbean to Milwaukee, and the beer gardens I found always satisfied, but this native son raised on the banks of Herring Run hereby declares that the Charm City local brewski boys really have nobody in front of them!

Alas, in toasting today's crafty Crabtown beer champions, we must concede that National Bohemian has become for Baltimore something of a sacred memento-like the Colts, Obrycki's Crab House, and the 1962 Roman Missal. We'll always be the chosen people wandering about the Land of Pleasant Living, though many of our native devotions reflect an adherence to a new testament.

Anthony Murawski



Viva la Revolucion!

Well, it seems that my wayward comrade Dave Eberhardt has drunk too much mopey juice again (

). He and his ilk cannot think out of a political box that puts them in the center of the official clean and squeaky-clean political left. Worse, they think that the god of the left died and put them in charge. And even worse than that, they all believe there is no hope for the planet. And on top of that, they are wrong!

Eberhardt says there is no hope at all so give it up to the bourgeoisie. His version of the Internationale starts off, "Sit down ye prisoners of starvation."

On the other hand, I have been saying for a long time that Bob Avakian and his party, the Revolutionary Communist Party, do have a solution. In the spirit of "Mr. Davis" (Juror No. 8 in

Twelve Angry Men

), I suggest everybody concerned with peace and justice issues read the Constitution for the New Socialist Republic of North America. Then take a week of evenings off and watch the video,

BA Speaks: Revolution-Nothing Less

, available from RCP Publications.

Yeah, I hear all that talk about Avakian and a cult of personality. Well, have you read or heard what he has to say? If not, then in the words of another Bob-Bob Dylan: "Don't criticize what you don't understand!" And before you talk about cults of personality, take off that Che T-shirt and that crucifix too.

Alan Barysh