Baltimore City Paper

What's up with hip-hop

Last week, two of Baltimore's most promising up-and-coming rappers, Greenspan and Rome Cee, united to release an EP as a duo, the cleverly titled Cee-Span. The EP, available for free on, features a guest appearance from Al Great on the single "Journey" and production from Carvo Music and August Flight Gordon. Greenspan's next solo project, Stairway to Heaven, is also due out later this fall.

On Saturday, Oct. 5, The F.O.I. of Muhammad Mosque No. 6 will present the Stop the Killing Music Summit, an event at the 5 Seasons that will attempt to create change in the tragically violent streets of Baltimore. Local community-minded hip-hop artists involved in the event include Brown F.I.S.H., Von Vargas, Ray Lugar, and the 5th L.

Also at the 5 Seasons, the seventh annual Baltimore Crown Awards will be held on Saturday, Nov. 2, hosted by comedian Larry Lancaster. The awards honor hip-hop artists, poets, bands, DJs, and many others in the Baltimore music scene, with voting open to the public. The voting form is available on, where performers and more details will be announced as the event approaches. Nominees for the Crown's hall of fame this year include rappers Huli Shallone and Tha Profitt, female rap duo Golden Seal, disc jockeys DJ Spontaneous and DJ P Funk, human beatbox Shodekeh, and Mike McIntosh of Architects Recording Studio.

Los (pictured), fresh off of his hugely successful Becoming King mixtape, is coming back to Baltimore this week for a concert at Paparazzi Nightclub. He was also recently among the many rappers to record freestyles over Big Sean and Kendrick Lamar's controversial collaboration "Control," and when Lamar was asked about his favorite response tracks for the record, the first one he named was Los'. A few other Baltimore rappers have proceeded to make response tracks about Los and each other, but their publicity grabs don't deserve encouragement in these pages, because beef is wack.