I love my city, despite the pockmarks, the divots, and even the pus.

I shouldn't care as much about Baltimore City as I do. I was born in Baltimore and don't mind saying that I love my city, despite the pockmarks, the divots, and even the pus.

From where I see it, Baltimore could conceivably be the first American mid-major city to succumb to crime (Baltimore City Power Rankings, Mobtown Beat, Aug. 28). In my opinion, the three major factors are: proliferation of gang violence, pro-"stop snitching" neighborhoods, and an alarming attitude of many city residents who just don't "give a fuck" about the city.

Perhaps people have to inundate Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake and Baltimore City Police Commissioner Anthony Batts with suggestions or ideas as to how to address the current crime trends. To Batts, I suggest minimal police patrols to the neighborhoods that still cling to the street-borne stop-snitching mantra. Because of their unwillingness to cooperate with police, these areas have become highly toxic for the police in which to work. Stack the deck and reward those cooperative neighborhoods with more police presence.

Ideas, ideas, ideas . . . that is what I believe is needed, because the current way in which crime is addressed is simply not working. If the chasm between the police and their constituents widens, the city where I was born will face certain criminal doom.

I simply cannot stand on the sidelines and watch as long as the blood flows in the streets and gutters in the city where I was born.

Patrick Lynch


Nottingham, MD

Selling Out

Sorry to hear about the "sale" of paper, as it seemed to be going well. Big Joe (Mr. Wrong,

) never said how much


is worth, but if it's a lot, then maybe Fox News is interested, as it would keep the paper local and I'm sure they would give you guys free reign to continue demoralizing the Left and dumbing down the Right. By keeping everyone confused you have conjured up the best way to tell a story and increased the value/profit line.

I would recommend some fast stories about healthy white women being "assaulted" by some minorities, as this will help and should add bold-face print to the Murder Ink section.

All in all I think you have a grand little paper, and that with a little "tweaking" in the right direction it could be even better. My hope would be that Big Joe gets his raise and a more prominent format for his value-added discussions. Thanks for the memories.

Mike Brown