I suggest that you forge on with the story of sex abuse and other scandals

Thanks for Van Smith's account of the settlement of the "John Doe" lawsuit against me over my coverage of a disputed February 2012 incident at a North Baltimore Aquatic Club practice at the Meadowbrook Aquatic Center ("Treacherous Waters," Mobtown Beat, July 31). USA Swimming's investigation of the incident continues.

Now that City Paper has acknowledged that controversial events of some sort happened at the home of Michael Phelps and Bob Bowman's club, I suggest that you forge on with the story of sex abuse and other scandals in this major capital of the beleaguered USA Swimming, now under Congressional and FBI scrutiny. At my website, you can find thorough coverage.

Irvin Muchnick


Berkeley, CA

Fishy Feelings

Upon reading Erin J. Marcus' letter (

), I had the same reaction I had when I first heard Rush Limbaugh. I thought,

This is the best satire I have come across in a while!

This lack of scientific study and sentimental hogwash belongs in the nut bin of global-warming denial, fetuses being human, and the belief that cows get cheated out of orgasms by artificial insemination! Only a fool or the Dalai Lama would fall for this claptrap.

Starting with animal rights, there are many causes Marcus could champion: factory farming, rodeos, puppy mills, and the current wars of U.S. aggression. She could protest government spying, the verdict in the Trayvon Martin case, the railroading of Bradley Manning, the attacks on abortion rights, worldwide pollution, racial profiling, or the stop-and-frisk laws! No, Marcus wants to save some fish.

Ever heard of food deserts, places in inner cities where people can't get good wholesome foods? Nah, you wanna free Charlie Tuna!

And all this claptrap about fish being sentient animals with rights just like humans! Tell that to the children who go to bed hungry every night! I'll bet the homeless people in your neighborhood would laugh in your face if you told them fish had feelings too. And what about rats, mice, roaches, and fleas? Aren't they sentient beings? I'll bet a lot of folks who have vermin infestations would laugh in your face! Ah, the life of a condescending savior is such a hard row to hoe!

You want to see horrible living conditions, go to this city's inner city or anywhere that poor people live! Those fish in the tank have it better than most people in the Baltimore housing projects! Hell, fish in the wild don't have it so good. The risk of oil spills or other man-made disasters is always prevalent!

Signing your letter "Until All Are Free!" was rich. That slogan came out of the struggle to free political prisoners! The average prisoner in Club Gitmo is 100 times worse off than your little fishies! The conditions of millions of people living in slums and shantytowns all over the globe are much worse. And you have the chutzpah to cry the blues over fish in a fish tank!

You make me sick! With coldest regards!

Alan Barysh