Artscape Highlights

Though Artscape is about

, well, art, sometimes the fine arts can get lost amidst the sea of white tents, fair food, and revelry. The Baltimore Office for Promotion and the Arts has teamed up with a number of galleries to create the Artscape Gallery Network. Below are some of our faves for escaping the heat with some cool work (and, hopefully, air conditioning). We stuck to those close to the festival, but for full listings, visit



Current Gallery, 421 N. Howard St.



Painted Woods

Prints from eight artists feel like what you always wished clip art could be. These tongue-in-cheek works have a graphic, cut/paste appeal.

Painted Woods

, Ryan Syrell's mushily painted forest scenes and lumber installation, feels like stepping into an 8-bit version of a forest. Through July 28.


Area 405, 405 E. Oliver St.

House, Dignified

Area 405 exhibits Sondheim applicants whose works deal with the themes in the recent, gender-bending, time-travelling outdoor production of

Romeo and Juliet

at 405. Through July 27.

D Center, 16 W. North Ave.


Baltimore from Many Perspectives

Each artist in this group show had to choose another artist he or she was both connected to and different from, ensuring a diverse yet cohesive show. Through July 21.

Gallery Four, 405 W. Franklin St., 4th Floor

Ephemeral Arena

This group show, featuring works by James Bouche, Alesha Burk, Joyce Yu-Jean Lee, and Nara Park focuses on attempts to distort our ordinary perception or ordinary space. Through Aug. 24.

Full Circle Gallery, 33 E. 21st St.

Evening's Empire

William Knispcher uses photography to investigate the relationships-and tensions-between the natural and the human-made. Through Aug. 10.

Galerie Myrtis, 2224 N. Charles St.

Woman as Color, Light and Form

This group show uses film and other media to explore the feminine archetype. Through Aug. 31.

Subbasement Artist Studios at the Fitzgerald, 1201 W. Mount Royal Ave.

This multi-exhibit series focuses on the relationship between fine-art aesthetics and sustainable living, and features


photographer Rarah, among many others. Through July 29.

Windup Space, 12 W. North Ave.


A mixed-media group show which investigates the ways that memories change our actions or the structures of our experience through photography, painting, and more. Through July 31.

Nudashank, 405 W. Franklin St., 3rd Floor


Though it's mysteriously not in the Artscape network, Nudashank's show of


cartoonist Dina Kelberman's thrilling exploration of digital imagery, following a fascinatingly formal train of association between images, seems essential. Through Aug. 17.