In this week's thrilling cover story, Van Smith follows Matthew VanDyke's unexpected journey from Calvert school in Baltimore to the civil war in Libya--where he was imprisoned for six months, got out, and started fighting with the rebels again.

In Mobtown Beat, Brandon Soderberg looks into the racial implications of a raid at the Broom Factory and the Nose laments the sorry state of Baltimore's arsonists.

In City Folk, Rafael Alvarez profiles Emmanual Nicolaidis, a Greek-American woodworker with the soul of a poet.

In the arts, Baynard Woods is disappointed to find that half of the finalists for the Janet and Walter Sondheim Artscape Prize, which is billed as "Baltimore's most prestigious art award," are from D.C., Cara Ober discovers curatorial restraint in School 33's biennial, and Bret McCabe talks to a group who hope to help humanize the homeless with a night of monologues.

In film Jenn Ladd reviews Lost at Sea and The Way, Way Back, and, in music, Al Shipley ducks for cover with Tate Kobang, while Strum und Twang tells us what's up with folk and country.

In Eats and Drinks, Jenn Ladd visits Maryland's first farm/brewery, Baynard Woods drinks Pimm's Number 1, and Brokeass Gourmet juliennes zucchini.

Mr. Wrong celebrates summer (and Mr. Wrong) and Spitballin' starts a righteous campaign to have Wild Bill Hagy inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame as a superfan.