Fashion galleries from Towson Town Center, Harbor East, Current Space, around Mount Vernon, and the Skatepark.

Mark Johnson

, the producer of



, tells a story about introducing Barry Levinson and John Waters to each other for the first time. They chatted for a few minutes about where they grew up: Levinson in overwhelmingly Jewish Northwest Baltimore, and Waters as a Catholic in Lutherville. Johnson was shocked to discover that neither one really knew anything about the other's Baltimore-they grew up in completely different worlds.

Baltimore is a city of neighborhoods, enclaves with their own culture, customs, and styles that can seem all-encompassing and totally foreign to someone who lives a few blocks away. In our fashion issue, we wanted to explore a few of those worlds and the people that inhabit them. They represent only a fraction of Charm City's cultural cornucopia, but, hey, we had to start somewhere.

Fashion Photo Gallery: Towson Town Center Mall

In the early days of spring, the airy atria of the Towson town Center Mall are like suburban runways, with model wannabes, university students, and moms and dads trying to stay hip circulating among some of the most high-end boutiques in the region, including Louis Vuitton, Burberry, and Michael Kors.




Fashion Photo Gallery: Harbor East

In just the last 15 years, Harbor East has transformed from a distant downtown outpost into the city's premiere shopping and dining destination, where the Whole Foods is your corner store and the aspirational class dresses up for a night at Charleston, Pabu, or Pazo.





Fashion Photo Gallery: Current Space

If they're not hanging out in a warehouse or bar in Station North, you can often find the city's artists and musicians hanging around Howard and Franklin streets at the H&H, Coward Shoe, or Current Space, sporting some of the city's most creative looks.





Fashion Photo Gallery: Mount Vernon

With clubs like Eden's Lounge, Red Maple, and E-Villa butting up against gay bars such as Hippo and Grand Central, the area in Mount Vernon that surrounds Eager Street attracts one of the most diverse fashion scenes in town.





Fashion Photo Gallery: Skatepark of Baltimore

Hampden is known for its mix of old school working-class sensibilities and high-end hipster fashion, but with the Skatepark of Baltimore and Union Skateshop, the neighborhood is also becoming a center of the more practical fashion necessary on the concrete.